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I have been working in the public relations industry for a few years and have learned that when you make a mistake, it’s best to take full responsibility for it and take the necessary actions to rectify the problem.

With that introduction, we would like to make an official statement to a comment we received in regards to our blog yesterday. The comment said “Please use accurate numbers.” (View the supporting blog to the comment.)

First of all, our intent was not to deceive. We misstated one sentence which said, “And just in case you wanted to know, our average reach this week has been 27 million viewers.” The sentence should have been written as follows: “And just in case you wanted to know, our average reach this week has been 27 PER million viewers.” We had an internal misunderstanding on this number and apologize for this error. In an effort to show that we were not trying to mislead anyone, we actually included a statement about our reach, and supported it with an explanation from Alexa on the definition of reach. Again, we were not trying to inflate our numbers. We want to provide clear and honest information.

The blogger also made a comment that a great deal of our traffic is going to our development site. We believe that this is partly because Paul Allen, our CEO, as well as several others, actually included a link to our development site in one of their blogs before we actually switched to the live site. These numbers represents these individuals who are following those links to our site, as well as the developers who are actually using the site. Yes, knowledge of our development site is public. People are excited about genealogy and often go there to see some of the databases we are adding. We are okay with this. We want people to have an awareness of what we are doing as well as an excitement to tell their friends and family members.

We thank this individual for correcting us and for giving us a reason to look more closely at our numbers before we report them.

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  1. Thank you WorldVitalRecords

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