Nearly 40,000 Records of Famous and Influential People to Search and Discover at

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We are launching a really “famous” database today at Yes, today you will actually be able to search for records on influential people such as Benjamin Franklin, Emily Dickinson, and Albert Einstein. This new database includes nearly 40,000 records of famous people who have pages in the Wikipedia. Perhaps you’re counting the number of famous people, and you’re thinking, “Certainly there must be more than
40, 000 records in the Wiki.” Of course there are. Today we are just launching records for famous people whose first names begin with the letters A-H. (We’ll launch I-Q this Friday, and R-Z on July 27.)

While we’re on the topic of notable people we should remember, next Monday we will be at the 24th of July parade, in Logan Utah, celebrating our pioneer heritage. We can’t wait to get our handcart ready, announce a new data set, and share our theme: “ Pioneering into the Future”. We hope to see you there!

Why travel to Logan for the Pioneer Day Celebration? Here are a couple of reasons.

First of all, Logan has a great parade and a variety of festivities (fireworks, fun run, rodeo, sports tournaments, etc.). The parade will include everything from horse-drawn wagons and buggies to floats and fancy cars from commercial, community, civic, and non-profit organizations.

Second, after the parade, we are going to visit our friends at Everton Publishing.

Finally, I am from Preston, Idaho (Napoleon Dynamite territory), and we may just have to take a little tour to see if Napoleon and Pedro are also celebrating Pioneer Day.

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