3 Exciting News Items For The Day

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Today is the big day for our first newsletter launch! Hooray! Just to give you a sneak preview, some of the items we will be talking about will include a section on what you can expect at WorldVitalRecords.com, the meaning of the word “vital” in our company name, a section about some of the databases we have launched, as well as the datasets we will launch the rest of the week. We have also highlighted what you can do with geocoded SSDI data. I better stop before I share everything that will be in the newsletter. Look for it later today on our Web site. If you prefer, you can also sign up to receive it by sending an email to <subscribe@worldvitalrecords.com>.

The second piece of exciting news is that tomorrow WorldVitalRecords.com will be switching over to a different management system. This statement means a lot to our programmers, and to users, well, check out our site tomorrow, and also read our blog in which we will talk about the new functionality.

Last, but certainly not least, we launched the Florida land records dataset today, containing 81,560 records. What is the importance of these land records? One reason is that they can be useful to researchers in helping them place an individual in a certain time and place, connecting them with families and neighborhoods. It also provides additional context into the life of your ancestor. That’s right, one land record could help you determine the history of the area in which your family lived (perhaps even the exact house), the neighbors that lived nearby, as well as the stores where they shopped. Land records certainly provide rich information that can be vital to your genealogy.

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