24th of July Parade Experience

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WorldVitalRecords.com experienced its first parade yesterday in Logan, Utah. It was a great experience. There were several thousand people in attendance at the parade, and it was really neat to hear the reactions people had to our tagline that said, “Building the #2 Genealogy Site.” Here are a few pictures from the parade.

Jared McKenzie ties the WorldVitalRecords.com banner to his pickup, in preparation for the big 24th of July parade.

Shown from left to right: Amy Rhoads, Director of Research and Development and Community Building; Jared McKenzie, Parade Driver, WorldVitalRecords.com fan; Whitney Ransom, Director of Corporate Communications

Shown from left to right: Darla Seamons, Director of Content Acquisition; Jared McKenzie; Yvette Arts, Executive Vice President

During the parade, several members of our team passed out flyers about our Web site. We also announced a contest we are having. Here are the details:

Pioneering into the Future Contest

Show your pioneer spirit and break new ground by uploading a photo at WorldVitalRecords.com. You will receive one entry for every old photo (before 1950) you upload to WorldVitalRecords.com from July 25-until midnight on August 25. (There is no limitation on the number of photos an individual can submit.) Winner will receive a gift certificate to have 25 scanned photos for FREE and will be notified on August 26.

Check out the rest of the contest details at this URL: http://www.worldvitalrecords.com/training.html

We are excited to receive these photos, which of course, will remain in our free section, visible to anyone who wishes to view them.

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