Day 2: BYU Family History and Genealogy Conference

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We are here having a great time at the BYU Family History and Genealogy Conference. We are sitting in the vendor section surrounded by several great companies:, Family History Live On Line,, and Acentra. takes your pictures and stories and combines them into a “biography”-style documentary and artistic book. They can also do videos. I have looked at several of these books, as well as one of their videos and the quality is really high. They capture the things that matter most to people, including their values and family, and important experiences that have happened in an individual’s life. Tom Taylor is the owner of this company, which he has been operating for 12 years. He definitely has a passion for helping people celebrate and commemorate their lives.

Pictures and Stories

The next company is Family History Live Online. The owner of this company is Robert “Tex” Crawford. He has been sharing fun stories and experiences with us since we set foot at the conference. Family History Live Online provides live support for people who need assistance while they are doing their genealogy. Their tagline is “Taking the Mystery out of Family History.”

Family History Live On Line

Across from our booth is If you have a fear of writing, Robert Paxton and his team at can help. Robert provides tools to help people write their family histories, as well as complete writing services. They can pull a family history together in just a few weeks.


Acentra is a new company that is simply awesome. They take images, documents, videos, cassettes, and convert them to a digital format. They say that it takes a consumer approximately 45 seconds to scan a single-sided standard document or photo. Acentra claims to be able to scan a double-sided standard document or photo in 1 second! That’s pretty fast!


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