Colorado Bliss: 128,309 New Records

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If you have ancestors from Colorado, you are going to love some of the new data sets, totaling 128,309 records, that we have launched this past week and will launch this week. Some of these records include the following: Colorado Land Registration Receipts (1913-1919), Colorado State Penitentiary Index (1871-1973), Colorado Mothers’ Compensation (1913-1935), Colorado Federal Census Index (1870), Colorado Old Age Pension (1933-1936), and the Colorado Civilian Corp.

The Colorado Civilian Corp. was one of several federal relief programs which sought to alleviate distress caused by the massive unemployment of the 1930’s. The program achieved this through the establishment of camps where young men worked on forest and conservation projects throughout the country. Colorado had numerous Colorado Civilian Corp. camps throughout its undeveloped and forested land.

The Colorado Civilian Corp. was open to young men primarily between the ages of 17 and 23 whose families were in special need. The enrollees had to agree to allot the majority of their pay to their families. The usual enrollment was for a six month term while the maximum term of service was two years.”

—-Colorado State Archives: CCC in Colorado.

The Colorado State Penitentiary Records are also interesting. When you go to, you can see the name, inmate prison number, and the admittance date. FYI: Records for inmates #12494-12760 are actually missing, but if you are interested in obtaining those records, you can contact the Colorado State Archives Record of Convicts.

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