First 5,000 World Vital Records Subscribers Get 2 Years for the Price of 1!!!

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It’s true. On October 4, World Vital Records will be launching its subscription model. Before I go any further, I want to say that World Vital Records will always have free content on its site. However, when we launch our subscription with a billion records, a new world of content will be available. We are going to start selling subscriptions when we attend The Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference (FGS) next week. We are really excited about this conference. We are going to be sharing a booth with one of our partners, Everton Publishing.

Here’s our special subscription offer: The first 5,000 people who purchase a subscription to World Vital Records will receive two years for the price of 1! That’s right, it’s a two for one offer!!!. The cost for the subscription will only be $49.95, that’s less than $1 per week! As I have researched the genealogy market, I have seen yearly subscriptions that cost more than $300 per year, so I think $49.95 for two years is an incredible price. When Paul Allen, our CEO, told us about his vision for World Vital Records, he explained to us that he wanted to keep subscription prices low and affordable. In essence, he doesn’t want people to be restricted from finding their ancestors because they can’t afford it. Paul is a man of integrity and has kept his word.

We hope to see you all at the FGS Conference August 30-September 2. We will be selling our subscription online in September if you can’t be at the conference, but still wish to purchase a subscription.

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