Customer Service Counts: A Few Examples from Tom Kemp, Newsbank, Inc.

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We are here in Boston, amidst nearly 1,800 excited family history/genealogy enthusiasts, and vendors. Today is the third day of the FGS Conference. We have our booth in the exhibition hall among 133 other vendors. While we have been here we have had the opportunity to connect with many wonderful individuals. Yesterday we had a chance to talk with Tom Kemp, Director of Genealogy Products at NewsBank, Inc. Tom has a great love and enthusiasm for family history and customer service. Tom was the director of the Godfrey Memorial Library in Middletown, Connecticut before he began to work at NewsBank, Inc. Tom mentioned that he looked at the individuals who came to the library as clients, rather than recipients of the library services. He cared about these individuals so much that after the library was closed each day, he had all phone calls directed to his phone number so that he could assist individuals and provide them with support when they needed it. He also shared with me an experience in which an email was sent to the Godfrey Memorial Library. The individual who sent it was very upset and expressed some harsh words in the email. Tom read this email, and immediately called the individual to talk with him about his concern. Tom said that this individual was stunned that the director would call him and talk with him to resolve his concern. I think this is a beautiful example of how we should care about our clients and be quick to respond to their needs. Customer service really does count!

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