Who’s Who at the FGS Conference?

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We were at the FGS Conference for several days and found many interesting answers to that question. I have read Dick Eastman’s blog quite a bit, but Friday I actually had the opportunity to meet him. He is a very cordial person who desires to be at the forefront of the latest genealogy news. If you haven’t read his online newsletter, check it out.

Kory Meyerink from ProGenealogist.com stopped by our booth and provided an excellent overview on the historical importance of the location of the FGS conference as well as his thoughts on the exhibition booth. We also had a fun opportunity to talk with Linda, a story teller and illustrator. Not only did she share her thoughts about genealogy, but she also introduced us to several of her latest books, and then sprinkled some fun confetti on our booth. I personally love the hat she is wearing and her fun personality. In the evening we talked with Pierre Cloutin from Progeny. Pierre gave us an extensive review on one of their latest products called Map My Family Tree. This product is really neat.

(This entry contains a podcast and a few vidcasts! Click on the above links to find them.)

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