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At the FGS Conference, we also had the opportunity to talk with Halvor Moorshead, the president of Internet-Genealogy.com, which is based in Toronto, Canada. Halvor is a devoted genealogist with 38 years of editorial experience. In addition, we spent some time talking with Tom Kemp, Director of Genealogy Products at NewsBank, Inc. Tom is a great man who has much enthusiasm and energy for genealogy and family history. Furthermore, during one of the genealogy banquets, we had the opportunity to sit with Rory Stanley and his wife Ros. Rory is the chairman of the National Genealogical Society of Ireland, a voluntary non-governmental organization “promoting the study of genealogy, heraldry, vexillology and social history in Ireland and amongst the Irish Diaspora as open access educational leisure pursuits available to all” (as written in Wikipedia). Ireland was well represented at the conference, with many session speakers and vendors. The conference was a great success, and we look forward to being there with you next year.

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