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First Print Publication from World Vital Records, Inc.

Thursday, November 30th, 2006
First Print Publication from World Vital Records, Inc., Property Transactions in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, and Surrounding Communities, 1839-1859, Now Available
This seven-volume historical set compiled by Susan Easton Black, Harvey Black, and Brandon Plewe details historical land exchanges and vital statistics of property owners.
Provo, UT, November 30, 2006Property Transactions in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, and Surrounding Communities, 1839-1855, a seven-volume genealogy set, is now available at World Vital Records, Inc.”I view this as a treasure trove for those who were anxious to know something about properties in that area for a 20-year period. I hope that this unique, seven-volume set will be used by posterity and by historians, literally throughout the world,” said Dr. Susan Easton Black.

Most of the property transactions for this set were recorded in Carthage Hancock County, Illinois. The property transactions were checked numerous times for accuracy. Each entry contains the source, a property description, the cost of the property, and also some vital statistics about the grantor and the grantee.

“Each record contains something about the individual’s experience in the greater Nauvoo areas, such as whether the individual was a carpenter on the Nauvoo temple, served on the Nauvoo House Association, or was on the agricultural association in town,” Black said.

This unique seven-volume set is available at for only $495 (plus shipping and handling)! This proprietary content is available only at

“I hope that those who find their ancestor and their ancestor’s property will experience some of the joy that I have had in being one of the compilers,” Black said.


Media Contact:

Whitney Ransom
Corporate Communications Director
World Vital Records

About WorldVitalRecords

Finding your ancestors can be overwhelming, and expensive. At, we’ve made it easy and affordable for individuals to connect to their families and find answers to their genealogical questions. Led by Paul Allen, who after founding, which became the largest genealogy company in the world, now aims to be the number two player in the genealogy industry with will offer users international record databases, references to top genealogical resources, a blog planet, podcasts, videocasts, Webinars, expert advice, training, and user-generated content.

Another 1,237,224 Records Added to Today

Thursday, November 30th, 2006 added another million records to its site today. We have received requests to include the state before the title of the newspaper. We have recently added this new feature. Thanks for your feedback. Here’s to much more searching….and now by state name first.

Here are the new data sets:

FL DeFuniak Springs Herald (DeFuniak Springs, Florida) Update
IA Harlan Tribune (Harlan, Iowa)
AL Lamar Democrat and Sulligent News (Vernon, Alabama)
WV Pennsboro News (Pennsboro, West Virginia)

Total Record Count: 412,408
Total Name Count: 1,237,224

Newspapers, Newspapers, Newspapers: 1,358,976 New Names at

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006 has been delivering content on a daily basis. Today 1,358,976 records were added to

Here is a list of the newspapers:

IA Carlisle Citizen (Carlisle, Iowa) Update
KY Hart County News (Horse Cave, Kentucky) Update
CA Lassen County Times (Susanville, California) Update
IA Northwood Anchor (Northwood, Iowa)

Total Record Count:
Total Name Count: 1,358,976

Five New Newspapers Available at 1,871, 832 New Names

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006 launched five new newspapers today, totalling 1,871,832 new names.

Here are the names of the newspapers that have been launched and updated today:

Total Record Count: 623944
Total Name Count: 1,871,832

The Historical, International Bed Race of Preston, Idaho

Monday, November 27th, 2006

Paul Allen, CEO, saw a clip of the Preston International Bed Race and asked me to post it on our site. The race is a fun, family activity that will definitely go down in history (although you probably won’t see it on a vital record).

Watch the race!

Note: Downloading time may not be as fast as actual race time.

(You must have QuickTime or Windows Media Player to view the race. Anything that will play a .mov file will work.)

What is the International Bed Race?

It’s wild, it’s crazy and it’s also complete “bedlam”! It’s The Great Night Before Christmas International Bed Race!!! (You actually can change the sheets on a bed by the time you say the title of this race!) There’s great excitement, fun and competition at the race, which is made up of eight runners, two bed riders, sheets, robes and of course, the bed. You have to keep your eyes on the action, as it’s easy to miss a few movements because of the great speed in which the bed racers are traveling.

The International Bed Race has been an annual event in Preston, Idaho for more than 10 years. It is sponsored by the Preston Chamber of Commerce, under the direction of Tracie Ransom, Franklin County Medical Center Public Relations Director.

An average of eight bed race teams per year have competed in the last few years. In the early years of the championship bed race, teams numbered as high as 20. Business, civic groups, school groups, and families are encouraged to find a bed, grab 10 adventurous team members and hang on for the ride of their lives.

This year the championship bed race took place on November 25, 2006, in the middle of main street in Preston, Idaho. (The bed race always takes place the Saturday following Thanksgiving.)

Here’s how it works:

Each team consists of 10 people (eight bed pushers, and two riders). Two teams race down the street at the same time. The first half of the team (four pushers and one rider) race against the first half of another team. When the gun sounds the first four members of the team are responsible for putting the sheet on the bed. Meanwhile, the first rider puts on the nightgown, the helmet, and jumps on the bed. The four team members push the bed to the halfway point.

Next comes the exchange. The rider jumps off the bed, hands the helmet and the nightgown to the second rider. The second rider puts on both of these items and jumps on the bed. The four new bed pushers then push the bed, with the rider to the end of the block. The two teams with the fastest racing times compete in the final heat.

Bed Race Rules and Logistics:

  • Length of Course: Approximately one city block.
  • Start line, marked by the cones: Beds must be behind the cones. Runners and rider will be five yards behind the bed until the race begins.
  • For each violation of the rules the team will be given a five-second penalty.
  • Riders must have the helmet on, with the chin strap hooked, and be on the bed BEFORE the runners start pushing the bed.
  • Early departure will result in a violation.
  • Rider should hold on for dear life.
  • All runners must keep up with the bed. (Penalty – Five seconds)
  • The first runners can’t help with the change of clothes or of making the bed. That is the responsibility of the second group.

For complete race rules, or to enter the bed race for next year, call the Preston Chamber of Commerce office at 852-2703 or Franklin County Medical Center at 852-0137 (ask for Tracie.).

A Personal Note from Whitney Ransom (FCMC bed race member)

I have raced on the Franklin County Medical Team now for about five to six years. Each year we have taken first or second place. Our primary rival is usually the Hollingsworth team. (They have speed and know the secret to the exchange at the halfway point.)

Take a look at this video from last year or click on the picture below to see the Hollingsworth team race against the FCMC team. It’s pretty exciting. (Prepare yourself for a lot of screaming!)

This year the Franklin County Medical team took first place. (The Hollingsworth team did not compete…but I’m sure they will be back next year.) I’m a cross country runner, and this race is just as exhilarating, if not more exhilarating than any of the races in which I have competed. (I’m currently training for a marathon.) Of course if I mentioned our secrets to success I would probably get kicked off the team. So, I am just going to say that team work is very important. Every single person must perform his or her part and do it well. I love the International Bed Race, and I look forward to it every year. I hope you will join us next year. Launches More Than 86,500 New Records Today

Monday, November 27th, 2006

Find Four New Data Sets NOW at

The following new data bases have been launched today at

UK Marriage List - This database contains more than 29,000 geo-mapped marriage listings throughout the United Kingdom from 1655 -1992. Each record contains the name of the husband, wife and witness, town, parish, county, and country.

Spanish American War Volunteers (Colorado)
Search nearly 1,500 records containing names of volunteers from the Spanish American War. This dataset contains the name, rank, unit, and company information.

Spanish American War (Texas)This database contains more than 23,000 records of Texans who fought in the Spanish American War in 1898. Each record contains the name, organization, and call number.

British Military Officers -
Explore more than 2,500 British military records and find the name, rank and unit of each individual.

1871 Canada Census Now Available At

Monday, November 27th, 2006 recently launched the 1871 Canada Census (Canada’s first national census). This census is the second census has launched. (The US 1880 Census was the first census available at

This census database contains more than 400,000 records of personal information such as name, age, country or province of birth, occupation, ethnic origin, and religious denomination.

Information from individuals living in the original provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario are included in this census.

Before the 1871 Census was conducted, census enumerations were completed in various areas throughout Canada, and in various years. However, many of these early records were lost or destroyed and are no longer available.

New Databases for November 21 and November 22

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

WorldVitalRecords released the following data sets yesterday and today:

November 21, 2006

The Woodville Republican (Woodville, Mississippi) UPDATE 53,370
Inwood Herald (Inwood, Iowa) UPDATE 106,986
The Perkins Journal (Perkins, Oklahoma) UPDATE 195,019
Leader-News (Greenville, Kentucky) UPDATE 143,761
Beverly Hills Weekly (Beverly Hills, California) 45871
The Clinch County News (Homerville, Georgia) UPDATE 146,672

Total Records: 691,679
Total Names: 2,075,037

November 22, 2006

The Florala News (Florala, Alabama) 157,047
The Goldendale Sentinel (Goldendale, Washington) 155,568
Horry Independent (Conway, South Carolina) 48,749
Chester Progressive (Chester, California) 125,597
The Issaquah Press (Issaquah, Washington) 134,506

Total Records: 621,467
Total Names: 1,864,401

Want a Genealogy Challenge With Your Thanksgiving Pie?

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006
Thanksgiving is almost here. While you’re eating your pie, turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing, we thought you might want to take a little genealogy challenge that Dan Lynch, one of our friends submitted to us. He said it took him several hours to solve this brain teaser, but grab a piece of pumpkin pie and see if you can do it faster.

You can read it below or view online at:

Using only the information provided above, you need to determine which husband belongs to which wife, their surname and the number of years that each couple has been married. There is only one solution to this set of facts. Don’t assume anything that is not a fact.

Here’s the challenge:

On June 1st, five couples who live in Trumbull will celebrate their wedding anniversaries. Their surnames are Johnstone, Parker, Watson, Graves, and Shearer. The husbands’ given names are Russell, Douglas, Charles, Peter, and Everett. The wives’ given names are Elaine, Joyce, Marcia, Elizabeth, and Mildred. Keep in mind that no two couples have been married the same number of years. From the clues given, try to determine the husband and wife that make up each couple and the number of years they have been married.

  • Joyce has not been married as long as Charles or the Parkers, but longer than Douglas or the Johnstones.
  • Elizabeth has been married twice as long as the Watsons, but only half as long as Russell.
  • The Shearers have been married ten years longer than Peter and ten years less than Marcia.
  • Douglas and Mildred have been married for 25 years less than the Graves who, having been married for 30 years, are the couple who have been married the longest.
  • Neither Elaine nor the Johnstones have been married the shortest amount of time.
  • Everett has been married for 25 years.

Note: If you are having trouble, you can go to the following address for some assistance: View & Print a Logic Grid for this Anniversary Brain Teaser. We will post the answer on New Years Day – January 1, 2007! Good luck!

1880 Census Now Available at

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006 Launches First Census

Provo, UT, November 21, 2006 – - launched an installment (502,894 records) of its first census today, the 1880 Census. This census is the tenth US Census and represents a 30 percent growth in population from the 1870 Census.

“Censuses are a great way to establish family connections. Every ten years you receive a chronological snapshot of a family, which shows how each person is related,” said Paul Allen, CEO,

The 1880 Census is unique in that it is the first in its class to record the relationship between members living in the house, and the head member of the household.

“The thing that I love about census data is that it helps connect the dots between many diverse genealogy data bases. If you know any data element about a specific person and want to know more, you find that person in the census before or after that point in time. This helps confirm what you may already know and give additional details that you didn’t know,” said David Lifferth, President,

The 1880 Census contains records from 38 states, plus the territories of: Arizona, Dakota, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Alaska, which was not organized at the time, was also included. The US population at the time of completion in 1880 was more than 50 million.

The name, gender, birth place, occupation, marital status, race, relationships to head of household, county, state, father, mother, and locations of nearby cemeteries are included in the 1880 Census at

“This is the first of many census indexes that we hope to have at,” Allen said. “We want these indexes to be accessible and affordable to everyone.”

“The various census data sets, while not perfect, are the closest to consistent data collecting at any point in history. The ’snap shot’ of a country provides fascinating demographics that you cannot get any place else,” Lifferth said. “With each successive census, more data elements are known and tracked. In most of the census you can get family group sheet info that is not documented anywhere else except for the family bible.”


Media Contact
Whitney Ransom
Director, Corporate Communications

About Finding your ancestors can be overwhelming, and expensive. At, we’ve made it easy and affordable for individuals to connect to their families and find answers to their genealogical questions. Led by Paul Allen, who after founding, which became the largest genealogy company in the world, now aims to be the number two player in the genealogy industry with will offer users international record databases, references to top genealogical resources, a blog planet, podcasts, videocasts, Webinars, expert advice, training, and user-generated content.