2,651,638 New Records at WorldVitalRecords.com

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WorldVitalRecords.com has recently launched 2 million 651,638 new records from the following data bases: Colorado Cemetery records, Kentucky Death Records, and Michigan Naturalization records.

Here is a description of each of these new data sets:

Colorado Cemetery Records - Launched Today

The Colorado Cemetery Index contains 16,073 records from individuals who were buried in various locations throughout Colorado. Each record contains the name and the cemetery where the individual was buried, as well as birth and death information. The country where the cemetery is located is also geo mapped.

Improvements to the Colorado Cemetery Records:
1. Geomapping
2. Split death/birth into separate fields.
3. Split date/place information into separate fields
4. Expansion of place names
5. Normal casing instead of ALL CAPS.

Michigan Naturalization Records from Huron and IoscoLaunched November 14, 2006 (Huron), Launched November 13, 2006 (Iosco)

A group of volunteers at the Archives of Michigan put together the indexes for the naturalization records of 29 counties in Michigan. Each index was transcribed from a hand-written index, in its original form. Misspellings and variations in names may be present, although the volunteers attempted to include variations of names that appear in the indexes. Naturalization records may provide important information in helping an individual locate the country of origin of an ancestor.

Kentucky Death RecordsLaunched November 10, 2006

This index covers more than 2.6 million death records in Kentucky recorded from 1900 to 1999. The index provides the name of the deceased, birth date, age, death date, place of death, residence, race, and certificate number. All records are geomapped where possible.

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