Honors Vietnam Veterans with New, Content-Rich Database

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Shown above: Vietman Memorial
in Washington, D.C. newest data set, the Vietnam Memorial Index, is full of rich content. This newly expanded, geo-mapped database contains names of nearly 60,000 veterans from the Vietnam War.

The Vietnam Memorial Index contains extensive unique statistics such as location, date and reason of casualty, religion, tour dates, and even reference numbers to the exact location on the Vietnam Memorial.

The data set also contains vital statistics such as birth, marriage, death, hometown location, nearby cemeteries, and much more.

The Vietnam War is the longest war in the history of the United States. The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which gave President Lyndon B. Johnson authorization to “take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against the forces of the United States and to prevent further aggression” was passed on August 7, 1964. President Gerald Ford officially ended US involvement on May 7, 1975. Approximately 536,100 military personnel from the United States were involved in this war. (SOURCE: Harry G. Summers, Jr. Vietnam War Almanac, Facts on File Publishing, 1985.)

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