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If you can’t find the ancestors you are looking for in our general search, try the Advanced Search option! The Advanced Search button is located on the top left hand corner, right below the banner.

Here are some tips to help you with your searches:

1. All of the fields in the Advanced Search box are NOT required. If you enter only a “Family Name” you will get matches for people with that name. If you enter only a “Place” you will get results from that place, which may be a city, county, state, or country.

2. The more fields in which you add data, the more refined your search will be. (You will receive fewer results from this search request.)

3. If you perform a search and do not receive any results (0 results), try removing text from the Place, Year, and Keyword fields, as the databases may not have that information.

If you have feedback on how we can make our search process better for you, please send an email to

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