Where Are You Researching??? Help WorldVitalRecords.com Determine the Content You Need!

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WorldVitalRecords.com exists to help individuals with their genealogy. Currently, WorldVitalRecords.com is in the process of scanning the Everton Genealogical Library and has the challenge of selecting the first data sets to scan from among thousands of genealogical data sets.

WorldVitalRecords.com doesn’t want to make these decisions without you. We need your help to determine the content that we should scan and index first. Please let us know where you are researching, the data sets you are seeking, or just the type of data you need. We will listen to you and scan, index, and try to prep the data from the suggestions that you submit to us before we scan the rest of the material.

Let your voice be heard, and let the content you want be available for you at WorldVitalRecords.com. Send an email to content@worldvitalrecords.com.

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