AdviseMe on my Genealogy!

Posted by on has added a new genealogy column to its weekly newsletter to help individuals with their genealogy. (Sign up for the weekly newsletter here!)

Currently receives various genealogy-related inquiries. thinks these questions are important and that answering them will benefit many people, instead of just one person.

Although would like to perform all of the research for people who submit questions, the author of this column will primarily help researchers find the right sources, contacts, and give them the proper “road map” to find their answers.

Starting next week, the column author will select one of these questions, answer it, and post it in the newsletter.

Individuals who wish to submit a question should send it to We look forward to hearing from you!


One Response to “AdviseMe on my Genealogy!”

  1. terea says:

    my grandparent’s caame from germany to winnipeg, mb canada in 1947 i know my opa(grandfather) was in the german army. how do i find more info on him. And my grandparent’s family. Last name Sprechert.
    Thank you for aanyway you can help

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