Alexa Ranks as the Number Three Online Genealogy Database Web Site

Posted by on ranks in the Top 10 in several genealogy categories

Provo, UT, January 2, 2006 – - According to Alexa rankings, is the number three most visited site in all of the genealogy database Web sites, just behind, and

“It is so exciting to be recognized by Alexa for our increase in traffic to our Web site. Our team has worked really hard to build into a very popular, user friendly, and useful genealogy site,” said David Lifferth, President,

The rankings are produced by Alexa, a company that tracks Internet usage around the world. These numbers are based on a three-month rolling average of Internet usage. has also received high rankings in the most popular census category, services category, and in the overall top online genealogy site category.

For example, in addition to being ranked high in the genealogy data base category, Alexa rankings also show that is ranked number one in the genealogy census category recently added the first installments of the 1871 Canada Census, and the 1880 United States Census, which may have boosted its rankings in the census category.

In the genealogy services category, Alexa ranked as the number four most visited genealogy site on the Internet. Some of the services provides are international record databases, geomapping, training, online blog planet, and newspapers. Genealogy training will be available next week. is currently ranked fourteenth among all genealogy web sites. This ranking is one notch higher than last week, in which was ranked fifteenth.

“According to our Omniture reports, on average our visitors are staying on our site for more than 10 minutes per visit and are visiting more than 13 pages per visit. These reports show us that our site visitors are using the data and features that we have available and are seeing the value of their membership.” said Brad Pace, Director of Internet Marketing,

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