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Shown above: Georgeann Malowney
Director of Training, WorldVitalRecords.com

Georgeann Malowney, the new Director of Training, comes to WorldVitalRecords.com with a wealth of genealogical experience and training, vast experience in business and technology, an upbeat and caring personality, as well as a strong dedication to help individuals obtain the training they need to succeed in their genealogical research.

Malowney states “I am thrilled to oversee training for WorldVitalRecords.com. Considering the advances in computer technology, records often seem scattered and elusive. I look forward to helping people reach their research goals and share their genealogy.”

Genealogy and family history have been an integral part of Malowney’s life for more than ten years. In fact, Malowney is an advocate and pioneer for online genealogy education. She has taught online genealogy course for more than 4,000 students, including classes such as Irish Research, Beginning Computer Genealogy, and Every Picture Tells a Story.

Malowney is passionate about Irish history and created www.IrishGenealogy.com in 1997. She has expertise researching Scots-Irish and Famine Irish. She has spent considerable time in Ireland visiting distant relatives and residents of some of the communities where her ancestors lived. She has attended genealogy conferences in Ireland, met with Heritage Directors and researched at every major archive and library in Ireland.

She has created a variety of one name studies for names such as MALOWNEY, McREDMOND, ODENBAUGH, as well as many others. She is the Clan Genealogist for www.MoloneyClan.com affiliated with Clans of Ireland. She has researched community histories for Springfield, Ohio and Redmond, Washington including authoring Images of America – Redmond, Washington published by Arcadia Publishing.

Traveling around the world to perform genealogy is a favorite pastime for Malowney who has visited more than 60 countries, including Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany, all Western European countries, Argentina, and the numerous Caribbean Islands. She has researched in over 100 libraries and archives including all the major archives and libraries in the U.S., Ireland, Scotland and England.

Additional genealogical areas of focus for Malowney include: Mid Atlantic states especially Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio; Colonial New England, Internet research, and Library research. Malowney is and has been a member of more than 25 genealogical/family history societies.

In addition to being an avid genealogist, Malowney specializes in a variety of areas. Her talents have provided her with opportunities to work for many companies and to perform various jobs. For example, for the past three years Malowney has been the director of Experience History Institute. She was an online instructor at MyFamily.com for several years. She has even been a Microsoft Technical Account Specialist at IBI, a SAP Consulting Project Manager at Prism Solutions and a SAP Consultant for Deloitte & Touche.

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