Update on WorldVitalRecords.com’s First Online Chat

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On Saturday, January 6th, WorldVitalRecords.com held its first online chat. The chat was led by Georgeann Malowney (Director of Training at WorldVitalRecords.com), and was set up to allow individuals to ask questions and provide feedback about the upcoming free genealogy classes that will be available tomorrow!

During the chat, some individuals asked questions pertaining to the free and paid genealogy courses, as well as how to search more efficiently at WorldVitalRecords.com. We thought these questions and answers may also be useful to you and have posted a few of them:

Questions and Answers from Online Chat about Genealogy Classes:

Question 1: How much will the training classes cost?

The online genealogy classes at WorldVitalRecords.com will cost $29.95 to $49.95. Unlike the first two courses that are free and self paced, these courses will be more interactive.

Question 2: “Is there a way we can limit our searches to first and last names together on WorldVitalRecords.com, especially in the newspapers? For example, it would be nice to get “Henry Labrum” vs. “Henry” and “Labrum” as words on the same page.”

Response: Go to Advanced Search. Instead of typing Henry in the Given Name box and Labrum in the Family Name, type Henry Labrum in the Keyword box as follows:

“Henry Labrum”

Performing the search this way will provide results in which the first and last name are found in the search, rather than some instances of the first name and some instances of the last name.

Question 3: Can I wait to take my 2 free classes, or do I have to take the 2 classes beginning this week?

Response: The courses can be taken at anytime. They are self paced and will remain on WorldVitalRecords.com’s site.

Question 4: What is the first paid class at WorldVitalRecords.com, and when will it be available?

Response: The first class will be Beginning Computer Genealogy and will begin in March 2007.

Question 5: When will the two free classes be available, and which classes are offered?

Response: Genealogy Search Techniques will begin on Wednesday, January 10th. Sharing Genealogy begins on Wednesday, January 24th.

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