1880 Idaho Census Now Online At WorldVitalRecords.com

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The 1880 Idaho Census, containing more than 33,000 records has been added to WorldVitalRecords.com.

“What I love about census data is that it provides a true cross section of humanity. You get a snapshot of what is going on in lives of the people in particular areas. Censuses really are an incredible resource that ties many vital records together,” said David Lifferth, President, WorldVitalRecords.com.

The records contain information on the gender, race, age, birth place, education, marital status, and occupation. In addition, the census information for each record contains the name of the city, county, line number page number, house number, father’s birthplace, and mother’s birthplace.

This data set was processed in 1975 by students at Idaho State University, who were enrolled in a methodology class within the history department. These students were interested in the data to conduct historical research on Idaho’s historical population.

The earliest census for Idaho Territory actually began in 1870. However, at that time, some of the individuals living in the southern part of Idaho actually believed that they were living in Utah. Therefore, many of these individuals were listed in the Utah census, rather than the Idaho census. In 1873 a boundary survey was administered to resolve disagreements in this matter.

“We’re happy to add this rich data to our census collection. I look forward to gathering additional censuses and vital records from Idaho,” said Yvette Arts, Director, WorldVitalRecords.com.

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