Preservation Advice

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Recently we received an email from one of our members who provided some genealogical advice that we would like to pass on to you.

This individual is urging individuals to check their local Church (especially non-Catholic) to see whether their records have been copied and placed into a historical society.This individual said that she copied and provided church records to a historical library that began in German language in 1843—through the English language 1960’s. The church was fairly small, and some records were missing (the 1940’s).

In her email, she also provided an example where she went to a church and found the church records, containing baptism, wedding, and funeral records, on an open shelf in a secretary’s office.

Here are her words regarding these experiences: “In both cases, a fire could have destroyed them!!! There can be so much genealogy contained in these records—-OR personal information possibly needed for proof of birth or marriage!!!! It can, and should be done on a volunteer basis—don’t let these records be lost forever!!! Let us all vow to preserve them!!!”

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