More than 200 Issues of Everton’s Genealogical Helper Now Online At

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Everton’s Genealogical Helper, considered to be the industry “bible” for nearly 60 years, is now available at

Click here to access the online Everton Genealogical Helper database.

The online Genealogical Helper is set up in a friendly format allowing users to view the Helper page by page, highlight portions of text, share sections of the Helper with others through email, zoom in and out on the pages, and also print.

In the past, only 10 years of the magazine were indexed online. Now individuals can access Genealogical Helper magazines (more than 10,000 pages) at from 1946-2006. Each issue contains up to 200 pages.

The Genealogical Helper concentrates on content, continuing education, and research resources, for both professional genealogists and amateur family history researchers.

Each issue of the Genealogical Helper contains:

  • Consistent Focus on Continuing Education
  • Expanded Sections on Missing Ancestors and Family Members
  • Articles by Previously Unpublished Writers (our readers)
  • In-Depth Articles by Professionals
  • Expanded Book Reviews
  • Renewed Emphasis on Personal Connections/Introductions
  • Comprehensive Coverage of Technological Advances/Digital/Online Research
  • Over 10,000 Pages Representing Over 200 Issues From 1947 to the Present.

Leland Meitzler was recently selected as the managing editor of the magazine. Leland is well known in the genealogical industry and brings a wealth of skills and experience to the Helper.

The online Genealogical Helper will be FREE for nine more days! After this time, the databases will be available only to subscribers. Sign up now for only $49.95 and get two years for the price of one!

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