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Upload Your Family Tree or Historic Family Photos NOW at

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Uploading your family tree or historic family photos is now possible at This new feature is FREE and EASY to access.

How to upload a family tree or historic photo

To upload your family tree or a historic photo, go to Click on Upload your family tree or historic family photos. These links are located at the bottom of every page, and in the middle of the home page. If you are a member, you may automatically upload your content. If you are not a member, sign up for a free account. This option is available once you click on the Upload your family tree or historic family photos links.

Uploading your family trees and historic family photos is beneficial in a variety of ways. When you upload you…

1. Share your research with others.

2. Backup your research online

3. Add your information and photos to our free global search results

Information for uploading family trees

Currently we are only accepting GED-COM files. Soon we will be adding an online family tree viewer, along with other great new ways you can use your files. It may take up to 72 hours for your GED-COM to show up in our search results. GED-COMs may be up to 10 MB.

Information for uploading historic photos

The current features allow individuals to upload and view photos. Each photo can be up to 10 MB.
Currently we are allowing individuals to upload and view photos. Features will be added soon to allow for sharing, storing, and organizing photos.

First Newspaper From Vermont Launched, Along With 28 Additional Newspaper Datasets

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Journal Opinion is the first newspaper has launched on its site from Vermont. The online newspaper dataset currently contains more than 2,700 names. also recently launched 28 additional newspaper datasets from SmallTownPapers®. Click on the links below to access each dataset:

CA Indian Valley Record (Greenville, California) UPDATE

CO Kiowa County Press (Eads, Colorado) UPDATE

FL Heritage Florida Jewish News (Fern Park, Florida)

GA Harris County Journal (Hamilton, Georgia)

GA Jones County News (Gray, Georgia) UPDATE

IA Harlan News-Advertiser (Harlan, Iowa) UPDATE

IA Harlan Tribune (Harlan, Iowa) UPDATE

IA Kalona News (Kalona, Iowa) UPDATE

KS Jewell County Record (Mankato, Kansas)

KS Johnson Pioneer (Johnson, Kansas) UPDATE

KY Harrodsburg Herald (Harrodsburg, Kentucky)

KY Hart County’s News-Herald (Horse Cave, Kentucky)

MA Hometown News (Norton, Massachusetts)

MD Hancock News (Hancock, Maryland)

MN Kenyon Leader (Kenyon, Minnesota) UPDATE

NC Kenly News (Kenly, North Carolina)

NH Hollis Brookline Journal (Hollis, New Hampshire)

NM Independent (Edgewood, New Mexico)

OR Hells Canyon Journal (Halfway, Oregon)

SC Horry Independent (Conway, South Carolina) UPDATE

SD Hartford “Area” News (Hartford, South Dakota)

SD Homboldt Journal (Humboldt, South Dakota)

SD Hutchinson Herald (Menno, South Dakota)

SD Isabel Dakotan (Isabel, South Dakota) UPDATE

TX Free Press (Buda, Texas)

VA King George Journal (King George, Virginia)

VA Westmoreland Journal (Westmoreland, Virginia)

VT Journal Opinion (Bradford, Vermont)

WY High Plains Sentinel (Wright, Wyoming)

Parish Records from England Now Available at

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007 has launched three new databases containing parish records from England. These registers are as follows and will be available FREE to access until March 7, 2007.

Sedgley Parish Registers 1558 – 1684
Wandsworth Parish Registers 1603 – 1787
Hampshire Parish Register – Newport, Isle of Wight Marriages

The Sedgley Parish Registers contain more than 8,900 records. These records have been scanned from the Everton Library Collection. Thanks to Thomas Janns Minister and Edward Perhouse and William Perhouse, church wardens, who compiled this database.

The Wandsworth Parish Registers have been scanned from the Everton Library Collection. The proximity of Wandsworth to London gives additional value to the publication of this volume. The database contains various entries on aliens, as there were a large number of French Refugees who settled there at various times. For a number of years, the Refugees kept their records in a court-yard, which was across from the Parish Church. the Parish Rate Books contains several French surnames, which are not located in the Parish Registers. Ministers at this time may have kept separate registers. The possibility of whether such Registers exist is in question.

The Hampshire Parish Registers contain more than 10,000 records. Many of the records contain civil marriage data from the Commonwealth Period which range from 1541 to 1837, the time in which the Civil Registration began. These records have also been compiled from the Everton Library Collection.

100 New Databases To Launch March 1 at

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

On March 1, 2007, will launch 100 new databases, the largest collection of vital records it has ever launched in one day.

“We have gathered a lot of small to medium datasets from the United States and across the world. We would like to make a big splash with the combination of these datasets,” said Yvette Arts, Director, Content Acquisition,

Some of these datasets will include records from Canada, England, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States.

A complete listing will be announced shortly before the launch.

New Index from Denmark: Skals, Viborg: A Compilation of Records

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Skals, Viborg, Denmark: A Compilation of Records,’s newest index is now available FREE to access until March 2, 2007.

Click here to access this database.

The index contains a transcription of church records from 1701-1812, as well as the 1787 census, and 1801 census, with name extractions from some land records.

Non-patronymic surnames in this index include the following:

Bach, Balle, Berkfeld, Bodker, Bogeschou, Bos(t), Corsis, Dahlsgaard, Damm(sborg), Ejstrup, Feldborg, Find, Fridz, Fruergaaard, Gade(borg), Giversen, Gjortler, Glormester, Horup, Huus, Hyrd, Kistrup, Korsoe, Kost, Krep, Kyhn, Kyneb, Ladefoged, Lowel, Lyngborg, Moldrup, Moller(up), Morch, Mousted, Morschou, Onsild, Oster, Pisselhoy, Pochnester, Post, Prostegaard, Reenberg, Roersen, Rogter, Rytter, Schaltz, Schreiner, Schroeder, Smed, Snecker, Soelgaard, Stor(e), Stovring, Svendsk, Telling, Thorgaard, Tostmand, Troel(strup), Ugelrus, Voore, Wassard, Westerballe, Wester(gaard), Windelboe, and Winther. wishes a special thanks to Vicki Lynn Renfroe for compiling the data, which contains nearly 13,000 names.

Renfroe was performing her genealogical work and discovered that she had ancestors from the village of Skals, Viborg, Denmark, for over six generations. She then began to extract and transcribe all of the early church records which the priests wrote during that period of time.

Renfroe said,

I hope this work serves to help others trace their genealogy. I look forward to sharing from those who find ancestors here and who might be some very distant “cousins” of mine.

First Newspapers Launched at from Delaware and Virginia

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007 recently launched its first newspaper indexes from Delaware and Virginia. These newspaper indexes include the Cape Gazette (Lewes, Delaware) and Clinch Valley Times (St. Paul, Virginia). also launched 30 additional newspaper indexes from SmallTownPapers®!

Below are the links to access the newspapers, as well as the title, city, and state.

AL Democrat Reporter (Linden, Alabama) UPDATE
AL Florala News (Florala, Alabama) UPDATE
AR DeWitt Era-Enterprise (DeWitt, Arkansas) UPDATE
AZ Camp Verde Journal (Camp Verde, Arizona)
CA Feather River Bulletin (Quincy, California) UPDATE
IA Carlisle Citizen (Carlisle, Iowa) UPDATE
IA Danish Villages Voice (Elk Horn, Iowa) UPDATE
IA Decorah Journal (Decorah, Iowa)
IA Decorah Public Opinion (Decorah, Iowa)
ID Genesee News (Genesee, Idaho)
FL DeFuniak Springs Herald (DeFuniak Springs, Florida) UPDATE
FL Florida Flambeau (Tallahassee, Florida) UPDATE
LA Gonzales Weekly (Gonzales, Louisiana)
MN Ely Echo (Ely, Minnesota)
MO Cuba Free Press (Cuba, Missouri)
ND Dickey Counter Leader (Ellendale, North Dakota) UPDATE
ND Golden Valley News (Beach, North Dakota) UPDATE
NM Clovis Livestock Market News (Clovis, New Mexico)
NM De Baca County News (Fort Sumner, New Mexico)
SD Freeman Courier (Freeman, South Dakota) UPDATE
TX East Bernard Express (East Bernard, Texas)
TX Grand Saline Sun (Grand Saline Sun, Texas)
WA Dispatch – Eatonville (Eatonville, Washington) UPDATE
WA Edmonds Beacon (Edmonds, Washington)
WA Goldendale Sentinel (Goldendale, Washington) UPDATE
WV Glenville Democrat (Glenville, West Virginia) UPDATE
WV Grant County Press (Petersburg, West Virginia)
WY Greybull Standard (Greybull, Wyoming)

Twenty New Databases for the 20th of February

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Twenty new newspaper databases have been launched recently at

These databases include records from 13 states including Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and West Virginia.

Click on each link to access each of these FREE databases from SmallTownPapers®:

AZ Cottonwood Journal Extra (Cottonwood, Arizona)
CA Beverly Hills Weekly (Beverly Hills, California) UPDATE
CA Catalina Islander (Avalon, California)
CA Chester Progressive (Chester, California)
CA Cloverdale Reveille (Cloverdale, California)
FL Calhoun-Liberty Journal (Bristol, Florida)
GA Clinch County News (Homerville, Georgia) UPDATE
KS Courtland Journal (Courtland, Kansas)
MI Clare County Review (Clare, Michigan)

MN Buffalo Ridge Gazette (Ruthton, Minnesota)
MN Chatfield News (Chatfield, Minnesota)
MT Blackfoot Valley Dispatch (Lincoln, Montana)
SC Columbia Star (Columbia, South Carolina)
SD Burke Gazette (Burke, South Dakota)
SD Canistota Clipper (Canistota, South Dakota)
TX Bulverde Standard (Canyon Lake, Texas)
TX Clarendon Enterprise (Clarendon, Texas)
TX Clay County Leader (Henrietta, Texas)
WA Boomerang! (Palouse, Washington)

WV Brazton Citizens’ News (Sutton, West Virginia)

Genealogical Tip: Translating Results from International Pages (For Free!)

Friday, February 16th, 2007

“What does that say?” When looking up information on ancestors in countries where thecribers are at a loss. This may be true when using the new International Genealogy Community Pages now available at

A quick solution, depending upon the language one wants, is to use This site can take blocks of text and translate them for free. It may not always be precisely accurate, but most of the time the translator should provide a general idea pertaining to what the content means.

An example from search results for “concepcion” on the Chilean international page:

“Somos una Congregacion de origen chileno, nacidas hace 111 anos en la region de la Araucanaa, Angol. Nuestro nombre es Hermanas Terceras Franciscanas Misioneras de la Inmaculada Concepcion. Fuimos fundadas por la Madre Maria del Carmen Fuenzalida Iturriaga, junto a cuatro co-fundadoras. Ellas provenian de Santiago, donde habian vivido como hermanas de la Orden Tercer Seglar de San Francisco por mas de 10 anos en un Beaterio, ubicado en la Recoleta”1

This text block translates to:

“We have been a Congregation of Chilean origin, been born for 111 years in the region of the Araucania, Angol. Our name is Sisters Third Franciscanas Misioneras of the Immaculate Conception. We were founded by the Mother Maria of the Carmen Fuenzalida Iturriaga, next to four Co-founders. They came from Santiago, where they had lived like sisters of the Order Third Seglar of San Francisco by more than 10 years in a Beguine convent, located in the Recoleta.”

Although it is not a perfect translation, it is far better than none, and when translating blocks of text at a time, key concepts are kept in focus. Our recommendation is to translate only a paragraph at a time. Paragraphs are normally self-contained and can express one idea in one block, versus trying to translate an entire page at a time, although that can be done. Whatever amount is translated comes out as a large block after translation, so keeping to a paragraph at a time may aid reading later.

Languages that Babelfish translates from/to are: English to Chinese-trad, Chinese-simp; Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish; Dutch to English and French; Chinese-modern and simplified to English, French to Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish; German to English and French; Greek to English and French; Italian to English and French; Spanish to English and French; Korean and Japanese to English; Russia to English; and Portuguese to English and French.

The Babelfish translation tool is very helpful when trying to decipher records found online in a variety of countries, where the membership base of consistently grows on a regular basis.



Wonderful Wonderbases Coming Soon To

Thursday, February 15th, 2007 is thrilled to announce the beginning of Wonderbases. Wonderbases, defined as large genealogy databases that are received with great excitement in the industry, are now a regular feature at!

Individuals who access on a frequent basis know that new content is available on its site every day. These databases typically consist of newspaper datasets and small data sets.

Now, will launch one new Wonderbase each week. Wonderbases are based upon the number of records, uniqueness, and/or richness of content.

The newest Wonderbase will be 70 volumes of parish registers from England.

Here are a few more WonderBases that we will launch over the next month:

  • World War II Army Enlistment Records
  • Passengers that Arrived at the Port of New York during the Irish Famine
  • Rhode Island Genealogies and Biographies
  • Irish Land Records
  • New Jersey Vital Records

More Newspapers From Seven States Added to

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Additional newspapers from seven different states have been added to These states include Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

In addition, updates from three states: Kentucky, Montana, and Wisconsin have been added to

Here is a list of the newspapers. Click on the links to access each of these FREE newspaper databases from SmallTownPapers.

KY Bath County News-Outlook (Owingsville, Kentucky) UPDATE
LA Banner (Bernice, Louisiana)
MA Brookfield Citizen (Brookfield, Massachusetts)
MI Antrim Review (Bellaire, Michigan)
MT Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Montana) UPDATE
ND Billings County Pioneer (Medora, North Dakota)
TX Burnet Bulletin (Burnet, Texas)
WI Blair Press (Alma Center) (Blair, Wisconsin)
WI Blair Press (Blair, Wisconsin) UPDATE
WY Basin Republican Rustler (Basin, Wyoming)

To learn more about the partnership between SmallTownPapers® and click here.