Everton Pedigree and Family Group Sheets Now Online at WorldVitalRecords.com

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More than 150,000 pedigree and family group sheets from Everton’s Online Library are now accessible at WorldVitalRecords.com. These pedigree and family group sheets are exclusive to WorldVitalRecords.com and are no longer available at Everton.

View the Pedigree and Family Group sheets.

The Pedigree and Family Group sheets contain more than 1.8 million records ranging from 1700 to 1930. The family group sheets contain more than 1 million names from all 50 states. Each record contains vital information such as birth, marriage, death, location, place, etc.

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  1. Susan Radosti says:

    Will the blank Everton pedigree files be available? I had an extensive one, maybe 8 or 12 generation chart. I would like to buy some more. This chart, that folded up and could be opened to show all the generations was better than printing one out and taping the sheets together.


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