New Index from Denmark: Skals, Viborg: A Compilation of Records

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Skals, Viborg, Denmark: A Compilation of Records,’s newest index is now available FREE to access until March 2, 2007.

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The index contains a transcription of church records from 1701-1812, as well as the 1787 census, and 1801 census, with name extractions from some land records.

Non-patronymic surnames in this index include the following:

Bach, Balle, Berkfeld, Bodker, Bogeschou, Bos(t), Corsis, Dahlsgaard, Damm(sborg), Ejstrup, Feldborg, Find, Fridz, Fruergaaard, Gade(borg), Giversen, Gjortler, Glormester, Horup, Huus, Hyrd, Kistrup, Korsoe, Kost, Krep, Kyhn, Kyneb, Ladefoged, Lowel, Lyngborg, Moldrup, Moller(up), Morch, Mousted, Morschou, Onsild, Oster, Pisselhoy, Pochnester, Post, Prostegaard, Reenberg, Roersen, Rogter, Rytter, Schaltz, Schreiner, Schroeder, Smed, Snecker, Soelgaard, Stor(e), Stovring, Svendsk, Telling, Thorgaard, Tostmand, Troel(strup), Ugelrus, Voore, Wassard, Westerballe, Wester(gaard), Windelboe, and Winther. wishes a special thanks to Vicki Lynn Renfroe for compiling the data, which contains nearly 13,000 names.

Renfroe was performing her genealogical work and discovered that she had ancestors from the village of Skals, Viborg, Denmark, for over six generations. She then began to extract and transcribe all of the early church records which the priests wrote during that period of time.

Renfroe said,

I hope this work serves to help others trace their genealogy. I look forward to sharing from those who find ancestors here and who might be some very distant “cousins” of mine.

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