How Do I Find Ancestors Who Immigrated to the United States From Canada?

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Canadian Censuses Aid User Searches

A user called in with a question about where to find ancestors who immigrated to the United States from Canada. The ancestors were from Ontario from the early twentieth century. The first thing I recommended to her since she did not know where in Ontario her relatives were from, was to check the Canadian 1911 Census online at, available in both English and French.

The 1911 Census includes surname-searchable results for all the provinces of Canada for the time period. Also on this site from Automated Genealogy is the 1906 census for three prairie provinces, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Last though not least is the 1901 census, with information from: British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Nova Scotia Ontario Prince Edward Island Quebec The Territories.

This particular user had no idea where in Ontario she should turn for aid in progressing with her family history research. Had I not been introduced to this site by a friend and a professor from ages past, she would still not know where to look to find a quick hit faster. Thank goodness for her that these censuses are available.

Information like this could really help other users. If there are possible sources that you would like to contribute to, feel free to send an email to, and she will contact you for further information.

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