Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day With 2 New Irish Databases from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

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To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, will launch the following Irish databases on Friday, March 16th from NARA. These databases will be available FREE to access until March 25th.

(Note: The following database descriptions have been provided by NARA)

1. Passengers Who Arrived at the Port of New York During the Irish Famine, created, 1977 – 1989, documenting the period 1/12/1846 – 12/31/1851

The Center for Immigration Research (CIR) at the Balch Institute created this series to promote access to information about immigrants from Ireland to the United States during the era of the Irish Potato Famine, 1846-1851. It was extracted from ship passenger lists in the records of the U.S. Customs Service (NARA Record Group 36).

Scope & Content Note:
These materials identify 604,596 persons who arrived in the Port of New York, 1846-1851, and the ships on which they arrived. Approximately 70 percent of the passenger records list Ireland as the native country. The other 32 countries include Canada, Brazil, Saint Croix, Russia, Morocco, the United States and countries throughout Europe. These records include passengers aboard ships with both Irish and non-Irish ports of embarkation for emigration to America.

The series consists of four electronic files. The primary file is the Famine Irish Passenger Record File (FIPAS) that includes passenger lists with the personal names involved in this wave of immigration. Three additional files supplement it and serve as electronic code files. They are the Famine Irish Manifest Header File, the Famine Irish Port Code List and the Famine Irish Country Code List.

Each of the FIPAS records contains data on a passenger and may include name, age, town of last residence, destination, passenger arrival date, and codes for passenger’s sex, occupation, literacy, native country, transit status, travel compartment, passenger port of embarkation, and the identification number for the ship manifest.

2. List of Ships that Arrived at the Port of New York During the Irish Famine, 1/12/1846 – 12/31/1851

The List of Ships that Arrived at the Port of New York During the Irish Famine contains Manifest Identifier Number, Ship Name, Code for Ship Port of Embarkation and Ship Arrival Date and the number of passengers.

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