Seven New International Pages Added To Belgium, British Columbia, Croatia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Quebec, and Romania

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International pages from Belgium, British Columbia, Canada, Croatia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Quebec, Canada, and Romania (The writer of this blog must state here that she absolutely loves Romania and is so excited that now has a search engine for this country!).

For those who are new to’s International Genealogy Community Pages, each country page contains a search engine in which individuals can perform searches that are specifically geared toward that particular country.

In fact, these searches provide results to the top genealogical and family history Web sites related to that country. Click here to try it out. Results are in English, as well as the language of each specific country.

Individuals who have a site they would like to add to the search engine, or who would like to provide input as to countries for which they would like to build a search engine site should send an email to

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