Did You Know WorldVitalRecords.com Has a FREE Genealogy Blog Planet?

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That’s right. WorldVitalRecords.com has a genealogy blog planet that contains more than 45 blogs that individuals can access for FREE!

What is WorldVitalRecords.com’ Genealogy Blog Planet?

WorldVitalRecords.com’s Genealogy Blog Planet contains an aggregation of the latest industry news, personal findings, and experts tips from professional genealogists. It’s an excellent resource to find genealogical information on a variety of topics from many different countries.

Advantage of using WorldVitalRecords.com’s Genealogy Blog Planet

  • Useful genealogy information from genealogy bloggers
  • Time Savings (Find a collection of genealogy blogs all in one place!)
  • Free access

Where is WorldVitalRecords.com’s Genealogy Blog Planet located?

Click here to access the planet or Go to WorldVitalRecords.com. Click on News. Then click on Genealogy Planet.

How do I submit a blog to WorldVitalRecords.com’s Blog Planet?

Send an email containing the URL of the blog to amy@worldvitalrecords.com.

WorldVitalRecords.com would love to receive feedback on its Genealogy Blog Planet.

If you have a comment, suggestion for improvement, or a success story by searching through the blogs, please submit a response to this blog, or send an email to amy@worldvitalrecords.com.

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