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Kent, Burslem, and The Great Marlow Parish Registers were added recently to These databases are FREE to access until April 7, 2007.

The Kent Parish Registers database contains marriage records from five parishes. Four of the parish records contain information from the 16th century and the other parish records contain information dating from the 17th century.

The entries in this database have not been transcribed verbatim, but have been put in a common form where contractions are freely used. The contractions and their meanings can be found in the preface. (To access the preface – Use the Browse This Database feature on the site.)

The Burslem Parish Registers, Volume 1 is a database from the Everton Library Collection. The Burslem Parish Register contains baptism, marriage, and burial records for the years 1761-1809. Burslem is in North Staffordshire. It is on the Trent and Mersey Canal. It is an ancient Chapelry and occurs in Domesday as Barcardeslim and in various records and charters as Borewardeslyme, Burewardesley-lime, Burwardeslime, Burwareslem, and Burdeslem.

The Great Marlow Parish Registers database contains baptismal, marriage, and burial records from 1592 to 1611. Unfortunately, the registers were fairly damaged by moisture and contained many torn pages. The transcription contains the best recreation of the records as possible, with supplied words enclosed in square brackets. In some places toward the end, every letter had to be carefully analyzed under a strong lens.

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