Quintin Publications Partners With WorldVitalRecords.com To Make Thousands of Genealogical Databases Accessible

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Quintin Publications Partners With WorldVitalRecords.com To Make Thousands of Genealogical Databases Accessible

Quintin Publications to receive increased exposure and reach new audience from partnership with WorldVitalRecords.com.

Provo, UT, May 16, 2007 — Quintin Publications announced a partnership with WorldVitalRecords.com today to provide access to thousands of genealogical and historical databases.

“We chose to partner with WorldVitalRecords.com because we have watched their solid pattern of growth and felt it would be an excellent venue for the material we have collected and enhanced during the past 30 years,” said Phil Quintin, President, Quintin Publications.

As part of the partnership, Quintin Publications will provide WorldVitalRecords with more than 10,000 books and articles. WorldVitalRecords.com will OCR (optical character reading), and index the material, and then make it available on its site.

“We have been looking at Quintin Publications’ material for quite a while and have been anxious to collaborate with them,” said David Lifferth, President, WorldVitalRecords.com.

Quintin Publications’ extensive collection of records includes state vital records, town and county histories, family histories, historical maps and gazetteers, modern publications by genealogists (after 1923), and international works.

“These unique collections will significantly increase the amount of databases and geographical information we have to offer at WorldVitalRecords.com, and FamilyLink.com (a new genealogy social networking site sponsored by WorldVitalRecords.com), and will add greater value to every subscription,” said Yvette Arts, Director, Content Acquisition.

Quintin Publications’ partnership with WorldVitalRecords.com, an international genealogical company, will provide increased exposure to thousands of out of print volumes that Quintin has converted into PDF files. Some of these works include an extensive French-Canadian started by founder, Robert J. Quintin, who recently passed away.

“My father would definitely be left speechless at this point by the attention his hobby has received. This partnership opens a new avenue for the next generation to realize that we are out here and still available,” Phil Quintin said.

Carol Quintin, Robert’s wife, also sees great potential in the partnership with WorldVitalRecords.com and hopes to reach several generations with their products and services.

“When Bob and I first started Quintin Publications, our audience was older. We are now to the point where we have children of the older folks, calling us and wanting to buy the books that their parents had purchased. The children know we are out there. Now we need to get to their children’s children. This partnership will definitely help us reach the next generation,” said Carol Quintin, Vice President, Quintin Publications.

Quintin Publications and WorldVitalRecords.com plan to work together in prioritizing the release of the individual databases in the collection.

“The sheer volume of the content requires collaboration in order to meet the scheduled posting of the data online,” said Sarah Quintin, Creative Director, Quintin Publications.


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