WorldVitalRecords Announces Partnerships: FamilySearchâ„¢, Ellis Island, & Quintin

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Yesterday hosted its first press conference at the National Genealogical Society (NGS) conference in the Greater Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, Virginia. The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, FamilySearchâ„¢ (formerly the Genealogical Society of Utah sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), and Quintin Publications participated in the conference.

Shown above from left to right: David Rencher, Director, Records and Information Division, Family and Church History Department, Walt Fuller, President, Everton Publishers, David Lifferth, President,, Phil Quintin, President, Quintin Publications, Leland Meitzler, Managing Editor, Everton Publishers
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The first announcement was read by David Lifferth, President,, and came from Steve Briganti, President/CEO of The Statue of Liberty Foundation-Ellis Island who was unable to attend.

Shown above: David Lifferth, President,
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This announcement included a three-way agreement between, The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, and FamilySearchâ„¢.

As part of this agreement, more than 25 million records of individuals who immigrated from the Port of New York to Ellis Island between 1892-1924 will be available online, free of charge, at

“The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation is pleased to announce this partnership today whereby the historic passenger arrival records for the Port of New York and Ellis Island will be freely available through WorldVitalRecords and FamilyLink. This expanded availability continues our long-standing commitment to helping families better understand their personal connection to the history of American immigration,” Briganti said.

Since first being made available online in April 2001, this collection of nearly 25 million records has proven to be one of the single most-important and popular record collections anywhere in the world. Arrivals through Ellis Island represent more than 150 different ethnicities, reinforcing the worldwide importance of these records.

“As a nonprofit Foundation, we continue to be thankful for the support of individuals and corporate sponsors whose generosity makes it possible for us to continue our important work of preservation, restoration, and education. We also appreciate and recognize our long-standing partnership with FamilySearch and the work of their wonderful volunteers who made possible the original launch of these historic records in 2001. As we now welcome World Vital Records to our successful alliance, we are excited that an even larger worldwide audience will be reminded of the importance of the Ellis Island records,” Briganti said.

The second announcement between FamilySearchâ„¢ and was that will soon be available for free at more than 4,500 family history centers throughout the world.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with We are trying to make information more widely available. We are also very interested in others who can facilitate and grow this industry. They are doing a great job of putting up records that we would prefer that we don’t have to put up. WorldVitalRecords is a key component, along with several other companies that will help up post records and make them available,” said David Rencher, FamilySearch â„¢ .

Shown above from left to right: David Rencher, Director, Records and Information Division, Family and Church History Department, Leland Meitzler, Managing Editor, Everton Publishers, David Lifferth, President,
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The final partnership was announced in which Quintin Publications will provide with more than 10,000 books and articles, which will go through an OCR (optical character reading ) and indexing process, and made available to members at

“Quintin Publications is very excited about this venture with Paul Allen, Yvette Arts, David Lifferth and the rest of the crew at I think this will greatly improve accessibility of research in family histories for generations to come. My Father, Robert J. Quintin would definitely be left speechless for the attention his hobby has received,” said Phil Quintin, President, Quintin Publications.

Shown above: Phil Quintin, President, Quintin Publications
Link to press address: QuickTime Movie previously partnered with Everton Publishers, one of the oldest genealogical publishing companies in the US, last year. Walt Fuller, President, Everton Publishers and Leland Meitzler, Managing Editor, Everton Publishers also participated in the conference.

“I am excited about this for a number of reasons. First off, this is wonderful for genealogists. has put up the Genealogical Helper. It is the first time that it has been indexed in the history of the magazine. It is going to be available at the family histories. We never could get 4,500 family history centers to buy the Genealogical Helper, but now we have got it in there anyway. Now the Helper and all of the pedigree and family group sheets that are totally unique to Evertons will be available to thousands of genealogists free of charge. I’m pretty fired up about everything that is going on. Congratulations to everyone involved,” Meitzler said.

Shown above: Leland Meitzler, Managing Editor, Everton Publishers
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The Genealogical Helper is the oldest continuing publication in the industry. It was started in 1947. The Everton Genealogical library is one of the largest private genealogical collections in the country.

“As a partner, Everton Publishers is both pleased and very proud to be a part of these announcements,” said Walt Fuller, President, Everton Publishers.

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