Hansford County Reporter-Statesman (Spearman, Texas) Online at WorldVitalRecords.com

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For all of you who have a little Texas pride, or some Texas ancestors, this database is for you!

Hansford County Reporter-Statesman (Spearman, Texas) is WorldVitalRecords.com’s database of the day. Although this database is relatively small, it contains approximately 750 names and will increase as new editions are added. The database is free to access.

WorldVitalRecords.com currently has 28 databases with records for Texas, including more than 20 Texan newspapers.

Here are a few quick facts about Spearman, Texas:

  • Spearman was named after railroad vice president, Thomas E. Spearman.
  • In 1934, Colonel Charles Lindbergh (famous aviator) and his wife Ann Morrow stopped outside of Spearman to get some fuel for a trip. Ten years earlier, Lindbergh had crashed a plane into a hardware store near Camp, Wood Texas. The event received a historical marker that is located at .4 miles south of 13th Ave. and SH 207.
  • Spearman has approximately 3,000 citizens.
  • Visitors often check out the site of the Battle of Adobe Walls, the Rolling Plains Mule Train Association, and the Stationmaster’s House Museum that are located in Spearman.

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