New Family Histories: Chandler, Coolbaugh, Downes, Gilmore, Land, Henry, Hobart, Reynder, Turner, and Whipple

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Downes in Shropshire and Pedigree of the Author’s Family(Free until July 15, 2007)
Researches into the Genealogical History of Families Bearing the Name of Downes; Early Records of the Downes’ Families; Downes in Shropshire and Pedigree of the Author’s Family., Downes, Leonard., (1891).

The Chandler Family (Free until July 15, 2007)

John Chandler

The Chandler Family. The Descendants of William and Annis Chandler Who Settled in Roxbury Massachusetts 1637., Chandler George (1883)

This genealogical collection of the descendants of William and Annis Chandler is offered to the present and coming generations of that family by the compiler, as his contribution to their interests and happiness, in pious remembrance of those who have passed on in their earthly pilgrimage. This race of people have been generally good citizens, and have acted well their parts in life, as the writer has learned by his intercourse with members of eight of its eleven generations in America.

Of the second generation, Hannah (Abbot), Thomas and William Chandler, who came with their parents, settled before 1650 in Andover, Mass. Some of their descendants, in the fourth and fifth generations, removed to places unknown to the writer of this; but John Chandler, the other brother, settled in Woodstock, Conn., in 1686. Of his descendants it is believed that every branch has been traced to its very twigs Sarah remained, it is supposed, in Roxbury, Mass., where she w as born.

In the History of Roxbury it is said: ‘It has been remarked that no people can boost of more honorable descent than those of Massachusetts, and the Roxbury people were the best that came.”

The arrangement of this genealogy is in consecutive generations and the numbering is by priority of birth to each of the eleven generations. Every Chandler has a cardinal number, which (if much is said about the individual) is carried forward in its order and is placed at the head of his or her family, whose pedigree, in the male line, is there shown in parentheses on the right.

A Record of the Descendants of Simon Henry, 1766-1854(Free until July 15, 2007)

Henry house

A Record of the Descendants of Simon Henry (1766-1854) and Rhoda Parsons (1774-1847), His Wife, With Appendices Containing Some Account of Their Ancestry and of Collateral Lines. Being a Contribution towards a Comprehensive Genealogy of the Descendants of Sergeant John Henry, Freeman, of Topsfield, Massachusetts, 1690. Frederick A. Henry. (1905)

The author said the following about the Henrys:

“Now the Henrys are emphatically not of the Orient. All along the westward course of empire they have been and still are pioneers. Of the Occident are they, and thoroughbred withal; for 200 years of unmixed American blood surges through their veins. Yet an honorable ancestry, a countless posterity, and a set way, are their three-fold birthright.”

Genealogy of the Descendants of Humphrey Turner (Free until July 15, 2007)
Genealogy of the Descendants of Humphrey Turner with Family Records. Two Parts bound together. Turner, Jacob (1852).

The author said about the database: “The great object of the Compiler of the following work has been to give the descendants of Humphrey Turner, according to their generations and families, in as plain and convenient manner as possible.

Part I gives his male descendants in a general form, so far as they could be readily obtained; and the females in each family are named, but not their descendants, until we reach the fifth generation.

Part II contains several series of Family Records in detail, giving dates of Births, Marriages, Deaths, etc., commencing as far back as authentic records could be found. The descendants of both males and females are brought down to the present time, – including husbands and wives who have married into Turner families and their descendants.

With a consciousness of having endeavored to do the subject justice, and with all due deference, the book is submitted to the candor and indulgence of those who have patronized the undertaking.” – Jacob Turner

Memoranda Relating to the Land, Reynder and Whipple Families (Free until July 15, 2007)
Memoranda Relating to the Lane, Reyner and Whipple Families, Yorkshire and Massachusetts. (Reprint from NEHG Register, 1857)., Whitmore, W. H (1857)

An except from the beginning of the database:

Lane Family Papers

Dear Sirs –
I am very glad to have the opportunity to call your attention to the following papers relating to the Lane family of this vicinity. These documents are now in the custody of Mr. A.B. Cutler of Bedford, Mass., whose father-in-law, being the lineal descendant of Job, Lane, and residing on the old Lane farm, thus preserved them from being scattered and destroyed….

The following signatures and seals were attached to the deed in 1742. The signers are Mary Whitmore, daughter of John Lane, and widow of John Whitmore of Medford,) her two sons and their wives, Mary Hall and Mary Brooks. The seal is repeated against each name.

The Direct Line of Descent from John Gilmore
(Free until July 15, 2007)
Gilmore Ancestry of the Direct Line of Descent from John Gilmore, the Massachusetts Immigrant Ancestor, to Pascal Pearl Gilmore and His Grandchildren, etc. Also, The Same in the corresponding Lines of Pearl, Coombs and Spofford, Gilmore, Pascal P., (1925)

The author, Pascal P. Gilmore said, “The showing of a direct and unbroken line of descent from the immigrant ancestors of the four families of Gilmore, Pearl, Coombs and Spofford, covering a period of nearly three hundred years is unique, and will we think, be appreciated. Perhaps it is superfluous to say that this comes far short of our dreams of fifty years ago, although in some respects it equals or exceeds the original idea.

Some have been included who logically had no place, but are mentioned, partly from sentiment and partly because reference to them might be helpful to readers or students of the future. None however, have been excluded who, considering the scope of the work, had a right to appear in these pages.”

Coolbaugh Family in America, 1686 – 1938 (Free until July 18, 2007)
The Coolbaugh family in America contains records from their earliest appearance at New Amsterdam 1686-1938. The database includes a genealogical register of the descendants of William Coolbaugh Revolutionary Patriot., Hoagland, Edward C (1938).

Hobart History and Genealogy 1632-1912
(Free until July 18, 2007)
Hobart History and Genealogy 1632 to 1912 contains a resume portraying the meanderings of the Hobarts emanating from Edmund Hobart, an Englishman, who came to America and settled in Bea Cove, (Hingham), Massachusetts in 1632. Edwin L. Hobart. (1912).

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