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(1895) Lippincott’s Gazetteer of the World. A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer, or Geographical Dictionary of the World is’s Wonderbase of the Week and will be free to access until July 17, 2007.

The database contains notices of over one hundred and twenty-five thousand places, with recent and authentic information respecting the countries, islands, rivers, mountains, cities, towns, etc. in every portion of the globe.

“In the preparation of this edition of LIPPINCOTT’S PRONOUNCING GAZETTEER OF THE WORLD, not only have notices of a large number of new places been now for the first time included in its pages, – places that were unknown when former editions were issued, – but the contents of the entire volume have been subjected to such a thorough revision as, it is believed , will easily maintain for it the position, which it has so long occupied, of being without a rival among works of its class in the English language.”

The database was originally edited by Joseph Thomas, M.D., Revised edition. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott, 1895, 2,895 pages.

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