Everton’s Pedigree Charts and Family Group Sheets: Family Findings

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By Amanda Forson, WorldVitalRecords.com

Never leave a resource alone until draining it dry. Some sources, when first checked, may not reveal the exact ancestor of interest at the moment we are interested in them. Due to the nature of the Internet and its flexibility and capacity for change, that is an improper and unfortunate research method employed by many genealogists. Genealogy luckily allows for changes as researchers correct errors and find better information than previously discovered.

Everton’s Pedigree Charts and Family Groups Sheets, one of the bright gold mines of the WorldVitalRecords.com demands attention during every search. The information is extensive and with the speed of searchability on the WVR site, searching through a small section of family surnames at a time, trying different combinations of search terms in order to produce different results.

While working at the WVR booth during the BYU Genealogy Conference, I experimented with a few personal ancestors not receiving much attention for a few years. What followed are the amazing results. (Yes, these are normal when receiving a “break through,” but when a family has not received a break through on a particular family for many years, they feel amazing and humbling.)

Search One

Quick Search:
Given Name: John Lavern, Last Name: Douglas

After looking over the results page that came up from clicking on Everton’s Family Group Sheets and Pedigree Charts, I chose John to see what happened.

Clicking on John revealed the following:

John Lavern Douglas is my ggg grandfather, and the information on his daughter, Jennie, is information that we had in part but not all. We had no leads for this information, so finding anything at all was a major development for the family.

Search Two

Quick Search:
Given Name: Solomon Last Name: Rice

Most of this information was new to my family’s lines. The people were correct and the basic years, but the further details about the locations helped the family research to become more exact and overall better. Since this family group sheet also contains who submitted it, I can look this person up in the white pages and try writing them to see whether or not there is more information on the family. Further, this information includes information that otherwise may not fit properly on a family group sheet or pedigree chart, namely a newspaper item that includes information about this particular family that I never before knew.

Never give up on a family, or think that since they do not show up in one place, they will not show up anywhere. One family researcher is never the only family researcher. There is always the possibility of others. Keep looking. If you search diligently, information will come!

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  1. hugh wilson says:

    I am looking for my gr grgr grandfather Joseph Wilson helanded innew York from Belfast may 201848,Immigration ship manifest show an entire Willson family starting with Andrew 35 and ending with Sarah at 2. How and where can I find if these are my ancestors I don’t want you to do the research as that is what so fun and educational for me I just need to know the websites on your web that are free to get copies
    thank you Paula Bennett Please RSVP asap

  2. Everything at WorldVitalRecords is free for the duration of the 7-day free trial. After that, only a handful of collections are. When you run a search and see a summary of results, listing the number of results in each collection, with the collections grouped by type, the free collections are cleared marked “Free!” in red.

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