Launches 100 Family Histories Today (August 13, 2007)

Posted by on’s Wonderbase of the Week includes 100 family histories from the Quintin Publications Collection. These histories all start with the surname A, such as Adams, Allen, Armistead, Atkinson, Atwood, Auger, etc. The rest of the collection is forthcoming and will be launched in alphabetical order over the next few months.

The histories launched today will be free to access until August 23, 2007. The histories come from a variety of countries, including Chile, England, Ireland, and the United States.

Here is a list of the new histories that are available to access at
Genealogy of the Family of Adams of Brooklyn, New York
Anderson Family Records
The Ames Family of Bruton, Somerset, England
A Brief History of the Allen Family in America
Atkins: A New England Family
Family History. Containing a brief account of the families of Anderson, Davies, and Wersler
William Ames and Richard Ames : genealogy, 1799 – 1959
Ye Atte Wode Annals
Family Memorial
The Ash MSS. Written in the Year 1735 by Lieut.-Col. Thomas Ash and Other Family Records
The Atwood Family
History of the Adams Family with Biographical Sketches of Distinguished Descendants
The Ames family of Easton, Massachusetts
Records of a Family of the House of Alexander from 1640 – 1909
The Amidon Family: A Record of the Descendants of Roger Amadowne of Rehoboth Massachusetts
Memoria Historica sobre la Familia Alvarez de Toledo en Chile
One Hundred Thirty-Eight Generations from Adam
History of the Atwood Family in England and the United States
The Book of the Agnews: James Agnew of Pennsylvania
A History of the Allerton Family in the United States 1585 to 1885 and a Genealogy of the Descendants of Isaac Allerton
The Atkinsons of New Jersey from the Records of Friends Meetings and from offices of record in the state
Genealogy of the Andrews of Taunton and Stoughton Massachusetts
The Samuel Ames Family: A Genealogical Memoir of the Descendants of Samuel Ames of Canterbury New Hampshire. Six Generations, 1723 – 1891
Life of a Woman Pioneer: Elsie Strawn Armstrong, 1789 – 1871
The History of Some Aikin – Eakin Families in America
History of the Addington Family in the United States and England
The Groton Avery Clan, Volume 1
The Groton Avery Clan, Volume 2
Antrobus Pedigrees: The Story of a Cheshire Family
Descendants of John Adsit of Lyme Connecticut
An Arnold family record 323 years in America
The Abell Family in America
The Family and Descendants of Captain John Autry
Aldermans in America
The Averell – Averill – Avery Family: A Record of the Descendants of William and Abigail Averill of Ipswich Massachusetts
A Genealogical History of Henry Adams of Braintree, Massachusetts
Genealogy and History of a Part of the Newbury Adams Family Formerly of Devonshire, England
Family of Asa Allcott
The Aspinwall Genealogy
(Austin) One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families
Henry Adams of Somerset England and Braintree Massachusetts
A Brief History of the Acker – Halbert Family
Descendants of William Ames of Bruton, England and Braintree, Massachusetts
Descendants of John Arew of Accomac County, Virginia who now Spell their Family Name Rew, Rue, and Rhue
Descendants of Joseph and Lucy Clark Allen
The Descendants of Job Atterbury
Genealogy of William and Mary Conley Agan, 1806 – 1968
A Genealogy of the Appleton Family
Genealogy of the Adams Family of Kingston, Massachusetts
James Andrews of Dighton and Conway, Massachusetts
Genealogical Record of the Dedham Branch of the Avery Family in America
John and Elizabeth (Buck) Auchincloss: Their Descendants and Their Ancestry
Long Island’s First Italian, 1639
Memorial of Captain Thomas Abbey, His Ancestors and Descendants
Memorials of Families of the Surname of Archer
Memorials of the Earl of Stirling and of the House of Alexander
Memories of the Arbuthnots of Kincardineshire and Aberdeenshire
Notes of family history: The Anderson, Schofield, Pennypacker, Yocum, Crawford, Sutton, Lane, Richardson, Bevan, Aubrey, Bartholomew, De Haven, Jermain, and Walker Families
Rachel Williams-Adamson and her Hoosier Clan
A Record of the Descendants of John Alexander, of Lanarkshire, Scotland, and His Wife, Margaret Glasson, Who Emigrated from County Armagh, Ireland to Chester County Pennsylvania, 1736
The Rev. Amos Adams, A.M. (1728 – 1775)
A Rough Sketch of the Appleton Genealogy
Seth Adams: A Pioneer Ohio Shepherd
Some of the Archibald Tribe: Especially the Family of John Christie Archibald and Jane O’Brien Archibald
The Warren, Little, Lothrop, Park, Dix, Whitman, Fairchild, Platt, Wheeler, Lane, and Avery Pedigrees of Samuel Putnam Avery, 1847 – 1920
The Allen Memorial, Second Series: Descendants of Samuel Allen of Windsor Connecticut, 1604 – 1907
Adams Family Records: A Genealogical and Biographical History of all branches of the Adams Family, Volume 1
The History of the Alison or Allison Family in Europe and America, 1135 – 1893
George Allen – Ralph Allen: One Line of Their Descendants in New Jersey
Family History and Genealogy of the Descendants of Robert Augur of New Haven Colony
Memorial of the Descendants of the Honorable John Alden
Genealogical and Historical Sketches of the Allen Family of Dedham and Medfield, Massachusetts, 1637 – 1890
A Genealogical Register of the Descendants in the Male Line of David Atwater
Albee Family Records
Genealogy of the Ainsworth Families in America
A Genealogical Register of the Descendants in the Male Line of David Atwater One of the Original Planters of New Haven Connecticut to the Sixth Generation
Ancestry and some descendants of Harman Atwood of Boston
The Auchmuty Family of Scotland and America
Ancestors and Descendants of Elias Adams, 1600 – 1930
A Genealogy of the Descendants of Robert Austin of Kingstown, Rhode Island
Abbe-Abbey Genealogy: In Memory of John Abbe and His Descendants
History of the Andrews Family. A Genealogy of Robert Andrews and His Descendants, 1635 – 1890
A Genealogy of Samuel Allen of Windsor Connectiuct and Some of His Descendants
The Fairfield County, Ohio, Families: Ashbaugh, Cherry, Davis, Leib
Family Biographies of the Families of Alexander, Wilkinson, Sparr and Guthrie
Genealogy of the Athey Family in Americam, 1642 – 1932
Family History, Anderson, etc. Addenda and Errata, Memorandum from Notes of the Anerson Family History
Genealogy of the Athey Family in Americam, 1642 – 1932
Memorial of Samuel Appleton of Ipswich Massachusetts
Valentin Alt: His Children and Hist Grandchildren
Armour Genealogy: James Armour of South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, 1800 – 1886, Volume 1, Part 1
The Armistead Family, 1635 – 1910
A History of the Acheson Family on the Paternal Side
The Ackerman Family Association Comprising the Descendants of George Ackerman, Mennonite, of Lower Milford Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
The Andersons from the Great Fork of the Patuxent
A Genealogical History of Robert Adams of Newbury, Massachusetts, 1635 – 1900
The Story of a Pilgrim Family From the Mayflower to the Present Time
The Anderson-Krogh Genealogy: Ancestral Lines and Descendants
The Adamson Saga, 1536 – 1936
A Genealogical History of that Branch of the Alger Family which Springs from Thomas Alger of Taunton and Bridgewater in Massachusetts, 1665 – 1875
Genealogical history of the Archer family from the time of the settlement of James Archer 1st, to the fifth generation, 1803 – 1919
Sketch of Alexander Alexander, Who Emigrated from County Down Ireland in the Year 1770 and Settled in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Chronicles of the Armstrongs
Ausmus Family History, 1711 – 1962
The Abbott – Adlum – Green Families
Hope Atherton and his Times
Genealogy of David Annis of Hopkinton and Bath New Hampshire. His Ancestors and Descendants
The Aspinwall and Aspinall Families of Lancashire, 1189 – 1923
The Ancestors and Descendants of Isaac Alden and Irene Smith his Wife, 1599 – 1903

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