Delightful Surprise Found In Everton Pedigree Files and Family Group Sheets

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This past week, employees at attended the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) Conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The theme of the conference was A Meeting at the Crossroads of America.

And we indeed met with people at the crossroads, as we talked with professional genealogists, first-time conference attendees, individuals representing many societies (FGS includes more than 500 societies), individuals who have developed products for the genealogy and family history market, along with thousands of others who are were in attendance for this FGS Conference.

While we were working at the booth last week we had a lady named Nancy Dzierzawski from Brooklyn, MI, come and share a funny success story with us. She said that she recently joined and she was trying to trace an obscure name. She typed the name into the search box and found a result from the Everton Pedigree and Family Group Sheets database. She clicked on the result, saw the name and said, “Oh great. There is a family group sheet that has been submitted with the name.” Next Dzierzawski clicked on the family group sheet and discovered her own family group sheet that she had submitted more than 30 years ago when she received her first computer!

“It’s proof that all of those old group sheets that we sent to Everton are still there. They really were saved, and I was very pleased,” Dzierzawski said.

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