Launches More Than 1,000 Databases And 17 Million+ Records

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Instead of launching one Wonderbase this week, is launching several: New NARA database, and 1,000 new databases, including 19 volumes of the Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.These databases will be free to access until September 27, 2007.

Click here to view the list of all the new databases.

Wonderbase 1: 1,000 Database Launch

The 1,000+ database launch consists of a smorgasbord of excellent genealogical material containing more than 17 million records. Included in these databases are numerous family histories as well as state and local histories.

There are literally hundreds of family histories, some of the larger of which include the surnames of Donald (and its variants), Esslinger and Grimes. Among the state and local histories are volumes from New England to the West Coast. These volumes can be especially helpful in shedding light on the lives of your ancestors.

Also included in the 1,000 databases are transcriptions of original materials from various localities. For example, there is a volume about the early marriages in Clackamas and Wasco Counties in Oregon.

Wonderbase 2: 109,000+ NARA Records About Japanese Americans Relocated During World War II, Created 1988-1989, Documenting The Period 1942-1946.

This series contains personal descriptive data about Japanese Americans evacuated from the states of Washington, Oregon, and California to ten relocation centers operated by the War Relocation Authority during World War II in the states of California (Tule Lake and Manzanar Centers), Idaho (Minidoka Center), Utah (Central Utah Center), Colorado (Granada Center), Arizona (Colorado River and Gila River Centers), Wyoming (Heart Mountain Center), and Arkansas (Rohwer and Jerome Centers). The database contains 109,384 records.

Each record represents an individual and includes the name; relocation project and assembly center to which assigned; previous address; birthplace of parents; occupation of father; education; foreign residence; indication of military service, public assistance, pensions, and physical defects; sex and marital status; race of evacuee and spouse; year of birth; age; birthplace; indication of the holding of an alien registration number and/or Social Security number, and whether the evacuee attended Japanese language school; highest grade completed; language proficiency; occupations; and religion. Creator: Department of Justice. Civil Rights Division.

Wonderbase 3: 19 Volumes Of The Collections Of The State Historical Society Of Wisconsin

World Vital Records launched 19 volumes of the Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin today. Those volumes include 1-6 and 10-20, plus an index for the first 20 volumes.

The Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin primarily includes essays about events of historical importance to the state of Wisconsin. Some of these essays deal with the earliest settlers and pioneers of Wisconsin. Other essays focus on the rise and fall of important industries and trades in the state. These essays, replete with names, are especially important because they add context to lives of the past. Knowing the events that surrounded ancestors’ lives can help the researcher really understand what life was like for those people.

For example reading an essay about the fur trade in order to better understand an ancestor who participated in the fur trade during the early period of Wisconsin’s history could help the researcher understand the true nature of the ancestor’s career. Understanding the historical context of an ancestor’s life brings character and interest that mere dates simply can’t provide.

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