Out of Your Tree-Crazy About Genealogy!

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By Amanda Forson, World Vital Records, Inc.

Something that may take about fifteen minutes a day once it’s acquired, but in the meantime may take some searching online to find is the video, Out of Your Tree: Crazy About Genealogy by Robert Burns. The hardest part of this week’s search is finding the video in the first place. This is an out-of-print video, but probably one of the best and funniest videos dealing with more than 50 sources in under 45 minutes.

Produced in 1993, some of the technology shown at the end of the movie is dated to that era. However, the internal source content is special and a great quiz for beginners and advanced alike to see how many sources can be listed by the end of the film. (Hint: More than 50!)

Day One: Find a copy of Out of Your Tree: Crazy About Genealogy by Robert Burns, a VHS tape (if any readers have this on DVD, please contact the author at Amanda@worldvitalrecords.com). The most likely place to find it is in a library catalog at a library near you.

Day Two through Four: Watch Out of Your Tree: Crazy About Genealogy.

Day Five: Choose the source that either most appealed to you, or one that you were not previously aware of (if an advanced researcher) and try looking up the availability of that source type in an area of ancestral interest.

Day Six: Contact the repository for the item in day five and arrange to acquire a copy or go to FamilyLink.com and arrange for a local researcher to go to the repository for you to pick up the record.

Day Seven: If you have addresses for the repository or for the local researcher, write a personal thank you note, or send an e-card to the person or people responsible for helping you research.

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