Calendar Reports In RootsMagic Provide Fun For All

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RootsMagic Calendar

By Amanda Forson, World Vital Records, Inc.

Many family organizational database software systems offer interesting options for displaying and explaining family history information to other members of the family who may not be as enthusiastic about doing research, yet are still interested in knowing about their families. As the holidays come closer, these options may provide inexpensive and fun family gifts.

For purposes of this article, the author used RootsMagic.

Day One: In the latest edition of RootsMagic (version 3), click on Reports. Next click on Calendar. Look at the different charts available (Calendar option brings up a number of charts.)

Day Two: Choose a chart style to experiment with. Whether it is the Calendar, Narrative, Relationship Chart, Wall Charts, Timeline, Scrapbook, Photo Tree, or other options, choose one to start. This does not have to be the one given away during the holidays or at the next family reunion, but should give you a feel for what is possible.

Day Three: For this article, the author decided to play with Calendar. * Moving up the calendar year to 2008, and naming the calendar while leaving the default options alone, click Create.

Day Five: Examine the calendar created by RootsMagic. For the author’s calendar, all the relatives (living and deceased) showed up for the month of January. Even if this is not the final print-out, it is fun to see that with a database of only a few thousand people, some months had many people born on the same day resulting in more than one monthly page per month as multiple people were born on the same days.

Day Six: Close out the current calendar, and removing the check from Only Living People. Click Create.

Day Seven: You should now see an exhaustive calendar with every relative’s birthday. Keep playing with this fun option and others, and choose the presentation style that works best for you and your family. Print the results you like.

*There are many different projects that can be made easily using RootsMagic. The Calendar is an example of one of many.

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