Thousands of Ahnentafel Charts Launched at World Vital Records, Inc.

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World Vital Records, Inc. has launched a new database consisting of more than 2,500 Ahnentafel charts with more than 37,000 names. These charts will be available free to access until October 18, 2007.

Ahnentafel charts are simply a way to view a pedigree chart in a compact way. Each position on the pedigree chart is given a number, so each person is listed by number rather than on an illustrative tree. The subject of the chart is listed as #1, the father is #2, and the mother is #3. This pattern continues throughout the chart resulting in a concise way to list the people on a pedigree chart. Because of this simple, consistent pattern, it is easy to learn a person’s position on a pedigree chart by simply looking at an Ahnentafel chart.

Except for the person in #1 position, who can be either male or female, all even numbers list males, and odd numbers list females. A person’s father’s number is double the person’s number, and the mother is double the person’s number plus one.

The majority of the Ahnentafel charts being launched today consist of only four generations, making the charts very simple to use and understand.

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