Want To Find All Your Living Relatives? Check Out Our New Facebook App And See Why 23,000+ People Signed Up In The First 48 Hours

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More than 23,000 people have added FamilyLink.com’s We’re Related app on Facebook.com, a social networking website, in the past two days because they want to find all of their living relatives on Facebook.com.

What can you do with the We’re Related application?

The We’re Related app has several major features: First, it allows you to search through your friends on Facebook and find all your living relatives. You indicate how you are related. For example, you can scan through your list of friends and find an individual who is your cousin, or your brother, or even your sister-in-law.

If your friends or family members are using the We’re Related app, then it will show them images of their family members and suggest if you might be related to them as well. This is a great feature because you may have family members who are Facebook users who have not been added to your list of friends on Facebook.

Using the We’re Related app, you can also upload your family tree (GEDCOM file) and compare it with your friends to see if you are related to them.

Add the application today. First, create a Facebook.com account. Then go to: www.RelatedonFacebook.com.

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