More Than 63 Million New Names Added To World Vital Records’ Site From SmallTownPapers®

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World Vital Records, Inc. has increased its holdings of newspapers from SmallTownPapers®. In this recent update, more than 63 million names have been added to the World Vital Records’ index. Click here to access this database.

Within this update, 312 newspapers that were already in World Vital Records’ have been updated to include more images. Additionally, 17 new newspapers from SmallTownPapers are now available at World Vital Records.

Among the new newspapers are three from Washington state including the Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune, the Coulee City News, the Tri-County Tribune. There are also new papers from Arizona, California, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota, and Texas.

The newspapers that received updates cover small towns throughout the United States. Several of the updated newspapers come from Texas including the Malakoff News from Malakoff, Texas. There were also many newspapers from Alabama, California, Colorado, Washington, and West Virginia.

If previous searches in the SmallTownPapers’ collection on the World Vital Records’ site did not yield positive results, now is an excellent time to try searching again.

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