Success Story: “Finding A Book That Actually Contained A Family I Have Been Trying To Verify”

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Right away, when I became a member of WorldVitalRecords, I found a record of one of my great-greats. I belong to one of those families where “all of the genealogy work is supposed to have been done.” So, I have been in the process of verifying the information I was given by my grandparents and aunts, in order to find the sources of the records. That has been the difficult part. I had no sources, just words like, “from the knowledge of Aunt Jenny”, but in so many cases, the documents just did not support that knowledge. Dates are different, places are different, and it has been so frustrating to try and figure out where people really lived and even, in some cases, there are even different names.

I was delighted to find, through, a book that actually contained a family I have been trying to verify. Interestingly, I also found a record of a baby, infant, that had died-a baby not previously known or linked to this family. The book was written by the record keepers of Hubbardston, Massachusetts, so I believe the record to be accurate. It was amazing that I have been able to find them, when I have searched and searched so many other places, only to find that there were no real sources, just things being copied over and over without verification.

Thank you for your service.
- Marilyn Winspear, World Vital Records’ subscriber

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