How To Innovate And Change The World

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by Whitney Ransom, World Vital Records, Inc.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a presentation by Guy Kawasaki. His presentation was titled: How To Innovate And Change The World, and it was great. Kawasaki was full of energy, bright and intelligent ideas, and humor. During his presentation he gave ten key points, and one bonus point, of how to be innovative with your products.

I was invited to attend this presentation at the last minute and by the time I got to West Jordan (the location of the presentation), I missed the first two points, did anyone get them?

How To Innovate And Change The World

3. Jump Curve – Kawasaki said that great innovation occurs when you jump curve. If you want to innovate, it’s not about being better on this curve – it’s about advancing to the next curve. He gave the example of moving from the telegraph to the telephone.
4. Roll the DICEE – If you want to be innovative, your products need to be deep, intelligent, complete, elegant, and emotive.
a. Deep: Fanning Reef - This product is deep because one can wear their sandals and also hold 3 ounces of liquid in their shoes.
b. Intelligent: BF-104 Flashlight Panasonic – This product is intelligent because one can use three sizes of batteries.
c. Complete: LS (Lexus) – This product is complete because it offers total service, support, and infrastructure.
e. Elegant: Nano (Apple) – This product is just elegant and sleek.
f. Emotive: Harley Davidson – This product brings emotion, you either love it, or you don’t.
5. Don’t Worry, Be Crappy- Ship a product that is revolutionary, and then if it has some bad elements, it’s okay.
6. Polarize People – Create a product that people either love or hate. It’s much better than producing a product that no one cares about at all.
7. Let A Hundred Flowers Blossom – Sew a field of flowers, not just a window box.
Create a product where people who are not your customers use your product. Ask these people why they are buying your product, instead of asking your “customers” why they are not buying your product.
8. Churn, Baby, Churn – Kawasaki said that as you create an innovative product, people will tell you that it can’t be done. Ignore those people and expect that churn as part of the process.
9. Niche Thyself – Create a product that is high and to the right (unique piece of software that everyone loves and needs).
10. Follow The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoints – When your presenting your product, using a PowerPoint, use 10 slides, for 20 minutes, with 30 point font.
11. Don’t Let The Bozos Grind You Down – There will be others who will try to get you down when you tell them about your innovative ideas, don’t listen to them. Kawasaki said that he was invited to interview for the CEO position at YAHOO! His comment was, “It’s too far to drive (about 1 hour commute), and I don’t see how it can be a business.” This mistake cost him 2 billion dollars and he claims that this was one of his “bozo”city moments.

How Do These Items Correspond With World Vital Records, Inc.,, and our new Facebook App (We’re Related)?
3. Jump Curve -We are jumping curve with some of our products. For example, on you can type in a surname and find the names of everyone else who is searching for that surname. You can also find the locations of all of the people who are listed on who are researching in the same places you are.
4. Roll the DICEE -
a. Deep: We build applications that are adaptive, generative and scalable.
b. Intelligent: We hire great people for our team We continue to strategically partner with top genealogical and family history data providers from all over the world.
c. Complete: We offer the complete collection (60+years) of Everton’s Genealogical Helper.
e. Elegant: Our user interface on each web site gets better and better every week.
f. Emotive: People love us!
5. Don’t Worry, Be Crappy – Our We’re Related app and service are pretty new. is in beta, but we released it to get feedback from our users to make it the best product we can, as quickly as possible.
6. Polarize People – Create a product that people either love or hate. It’s much better than producing a product that no one cares about at all.
7. Let A Hundred Flowers Blossom – We currently have more than 500,000 members on We’re Related. Some of these people are genealogists, others care about their family, and some just like adding new apps.
8. Churn, Baby, Churn – Of course we get churn. Some people have told us it can’t be done, and we’re going to do it anyway!
9. Niche Thyself - High and to the right…well, to start off with and We’re Related are absolutely free. We add value to our records at with our geocoded features, as well as our international communities.
10. Follow The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoints – Our target audience for WorldVitalRecords is ages 50+ and beyond. Of course we are using at least 30 point font in our presentations.
11. Don’t Let The Bozos Grind You Down – Again, there are always people who are going to try to get you down. However, we have so many people who are cheering wildly for our company and products. A positive comment can go a long way. We do get tons of feedback from our customers and we listen to them as well.

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  1. [...] According to Guy Kawasaki  (author, speaker, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, etc.) one key point to great innovation is “Jump Curve” which means moving from the curve where everyone else is to a new curve.  The folks at have been talking about this concept lately which is where I heard about it.  See ”How To Innovate And Change The World” by Whitney Ransom and “Jumping Curves At and” by Yvette Arts.  The second article asks for suggestions about jumping curves.  The following is part of an e-mail that I sent in response: [...]

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