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by Whitney Ransom,

A few possessions that are very valuable to me are my journals and photo albums. I have kept a daily journal since I was eight years old (so I have more than 20 hard-cover journals and many journal entries that are in digital format). Plus, I seemed to have been born into a family where creating memories and taking photos was never in short supply, so I have thousands of pictures.

The stories on the importance of preserving photos and old documents are endless. For example, one of our employees mentioned that recently the water pipe broke in his basement. He had lots of photos nearby that were almost ruined.

Just a few weeks ago (October 19, 2007) there was a woman living in San Diego who was interested in preserving and digitizing her photos (lets call her Amber). Amber had told one of her friends (lets call her Sarah) that she was preserving these items. Sarah also took the opportunity to have her wedding negatives preserved at this time. Soon after that, all of the houses in Sarah’s neighborhood burned down because of the recent fires in San Diego. Members of the neighborhood had to evacuate, many leaving all of their valuable personal possessions behind. Fortunately, Sarah’s photos were physically safe, and also digitally safe. Her photos were scanned and stored in a safe place. Sarah said that having her wedding negatives in a safe place brought her peace of mind.

This experience is a happy one for Sarah, but it also serves as a gentle reminder to me to make sure that all my photos and journal entries are physically and digitally safe. now offers this important service of preserving photos, documents, videos, and slides. Preservation packages at are currently being offered at 50-70% off of the retail value.

Recently, we sent out a survey to our panel. We asked them a handful of questions about photo preservation. The first question was, “How concerned are you about preserving family photos, videos and documents in digital format?” Ninety-one percent of our panel said they were either concerned or very concerned.

• 67 percent of our panel said they had photos that were 80-100+ years old.
• 51 percent of our panel said they were interested or very interested in a service that converted 8mm and VHS tapes to a DVD. ( now offers this service! Call 1-888-377-0588!)
• 50 percent of our panel said they were interested or very interested in a service that could upload their photos to a secure site to share with other family members of their choice

I really love these surveys! At we use a survey program called Qualtrics, and it has been an important instrument in helping us understand who our customers are, their needs, their interests, etc. These survey results show that many of our subscribers care about their photos and histories as much as I do. Gain peace of mind today. Scan your photos! Call at 1-888-377-0588 for details.

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