Wonderbase of the Week: 200 New Databases Online From The Quintin CD Collection

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This week’s Wonderbase of the Week at WorldVitalRecords.com consists of more than 200 databases from the Quintin CD collection. These databases are digitized books that are completely indexed and searchable and will be free to access until November 29, 2007. Among these databases are family histories, histories of towns, and biographies–all of which can be immensely valuable in family history research.

The Wonderbase is primarily comprised of family histories. Among these histories are several volumes with more than 30,000 names. The Descendants (by the Female Line) of Joseph Loomis, contains more than 101,000 names. Another family history, The Genealogy of John Lindsley (1845-1909) and His Wife Virginia Thayer Payne (1856-1941) of Boston, Massachusetts, contains more than 79,000 names. Even if these names do not seem familiar to you, it is possible that your ancestors’ names can be found in any of these volumes.

Today’s Wonderbase also contains a few local histories including (Lenoir) Happy Valley, History and Genealogy, which contains more than 34,000 names and The History of Nantucket County, Island and Town Including Genealogies of First Settlers, which contains more than 75,000 names. There are also a few histories of churches and organizations. All of these local histories can be extremely valuable to anyone with ancestors from these areas–not only because they might provide vital information–but also because they can provide clues that can point you in the right direction for future research.

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