Wonderbase Of The Week: 100 Fully Digitized And Searchable Books From The Quintin Publications Collection

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This week’s Wonderbase of the Week at WorldVitalRecords.com consists of 100 digitized and searchable books from the Quintin Publications Collection. Most of the books are family histories for surnames that begin with the letters L and T. Other books in the collection include state and local histories.

The largest database this week is Western Massachusetts, A History, 1636 – 1925, Volume 1, which contains more than 228,000 names. This database can be especially useful for people researching ancestors who lived in or may simply have passed through Western Massachusetts. The volume primarily contains names of people of prominence in the region, but it is not limited to the wealthy and famous.

The majority of this week’s spotlighted databases are family histories that contain at least 1,000 names, and several include more than 10,000. The largest family history this week is The History of the Treman, Tremaine, Truman Family in America with The Related Families of Mack, Dey, Board and Ayers. This database contains more than 132,000 names.

Other large databases include Thurston Genealogies, 1635 – 1892 Second Edition with more than 94,000 names; Memorial of the Thayer Name, from the Massachusetts Colony of Weymouth and Braintree, Embracing Geneological[sic] and Biographical Sketches of Richard & Thomas Thayer, and Their Descendants with more than 57,000 names; and Genealogy of the Twitchell Family: Record of the Descendants of the Puritan, Benjamin Twitchell, Dorchester, 1637 – 1927 with more than 54,000 names.

All of the databases will be free for the next ten days (December 6, 2007). Remember that even if you don’t find your ancestors’ surnames in the titles, your ancestors may be listed in any of the volumes. Since all the databases are fully searchable, it is always worth a try.

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