New Functionality at More Accurate Searches and Faster Search Results

Posted by on recently made several important functionality and performance improvements. First, is now doing name proximity in all of its full text databases. This means that individuals who perform searches at will now receive fewer results than they received before, however, the results will be much more accurate. This may come as a surprise to individuals who received thousands of hits on a particular name, and now they are only receiving hundreds. However, these hundreds of results will be much more accurate than the thousands of results they received previously.

For example, if one searched for “Dale Johnson” before, he might find a newspaper article that talks about “Dale Brown” and “Steve Johnson” but the page would come up as a possible match. Now, individuals will only find pages that have “Dale” and “Johnson” in close proximity to each other (in the same row, or adjacent rows).

Additional improvements: has also worked on its functionality to provide a more consistent search speed, even with more complex queries. In the past, some queries at performed faster than others. Now, all of the queries should provide results at a more constant speed. This search speed is more than ten times faster than it was before.

Further, now has a dynamic counter on its site (located in the top left hand corner on the home page) that shows the number of names or records, as well as the total number of databases that are currently online.,, and We’re Related (on have faster speeds because of the additional high speed database servers has purchased and put into service. and We’re Related have also implemented Amazon’s Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) and Simple Storage Solution (S3) computing resources to provide rapid expansion to handle peak traffic flows. This means that is the first to implement these leading-edge performance enhancements in the genealogy space. is pleased to bring its users these improved functionalities and will continue to work to provide its users with the most accurate search results available in the fastest amount of time.

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